"White Bim Black Ear" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Afraid to watch this movie, because it scared horrific story about animal abuse. Somehow, I imagine a white shaggy dog ​​with black ears, which belonged to the little boy, and then lost, and knew all the nightmare of a domestic life. And I think that in the film in detail the sadistic show dog beating, broken limbs, eye gouging, etc.
now still dare to look, because I often see references to the network of this movie, I want to be in the subject. I do not cry. And I will revise
This story is very patient (a splinter in heart since the war), the lonely man (son died "in the mountains", the wife did not survive the death of the child - suicide?)., Who decides to get a dog. He is interested in hunting, living on a pension, she writes stories, which rents the office and receives a fee for them. Moreover, the man certainly knows that the length of the dog's life, on average, 12 years. And how much is left to live it? In addition, he chooses albino puppy breeder is going to put to sleep, knowing that there was no recognition of this breed calf receives. And no one will be needed. That is the hero Vyacheslav Tikhonov in advance, without realizing it, dooms the animal to life, which will soon become homeless and very heavy. But he wants to now save this little clumsy little white puppy, give him the warmth and care that he just can not think for the long term. Further more. When the hero of a heart attack, and it almost every day, he released a dog on their own, without a muzzle, hanging out in the yard. It is clear that some neighbors are shocked. Many people are afraid of dogs, no matter how friendly were not recent. Thus, our good man is on his dog and more negative on the part of tenants. Directly provoked. That is, all the steps that made the owner, led to a tragic end. Of course, it is not so. He did not want. But who can cope with his unconscious? Why did he do that? He buried his son, his beloved wife, and now "wants" to continue the ritual? And a neighbor, tender-hearted grandmother, who stayed to look after Bimom - from the same opera. I knew that the dog runs to search for the owner, does not come at night, and still let go, eventually. Disappear. It has got to take care of her. Of course, she thought this is not allowed. But look at her actions. So anyone that the dog was not needed to begin with. All solve their selfish objectives.
Yes, the film is very tragic. Good, moving such a clever dog. Many children, human characters, treatment of animals. Awesome game Vyacheslav Tikhonov. But I have still questions to the owner. It was worth it?
very symbolic scene with a splinter, which the surgeon took out his chest Ivan. That more and more people with invisible fragments that turn hearts to stone, and these fragments, no surgeon can not reach. Many recommend this film to show the children. I believe that it is for adults. And we, adults, it should be reviewed.

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