"White Bim Black Ear" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Animals are very attached to those who treat them with all my heart. They see his wonderful host and think that other people are the same kind and helpful. But the world is different. And when the dog turns out to be himself to himself with his grief, few see the kindness in her eyes. Many people try to cash in on it, or simply get rid of it in the mistaken belief that animals can only bite and pass the different infection.
novel by Soviet writer Gabriel Troepol'skaya able to reach the hearts of several generations. Therefore, before the director Stanislav Rostotsky was a very important task, because the film adaptation was to receive no less instructive, moving and impressive to tears. Fortunately, it is perfectly managed.
protagonist of history, intelligent and faithful dog Bim, he lives on the screen throughout his life. From his carefree childhood hooligan youth to maturity cruel realities. His adventure in search of his master caused a storm of emotions and often not fun. Through this character show us life as it is, with all its cruelty and injustice. For some reason, when the mock dog or it is very unlucky, it causes a lot more emotion than if this happened to a man. After all, these animals are so kind and naive, they are so easy to become attached to the people, and remain faithful friends to the very end, no matter what happens.
particularly well played their roles Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Irina Shevchuk. Each dog is lucky to have such a master as Ivan Ivanovich. And such good people like Dasha, who truly helped Bimu unfortunately in life are rare. And if you do manage to meet them, you should really cherish this friendship. Brightly illustrated herein and negative characters. Harmful and angry at the whole world of his aunt, who are happy to do someone a dirty trick, may live in the neighborhood. Character actress Valentina Vladimirova can only sympathize, because the concept of friendship for her is too vague, and even heart on x-ray is unlikely to be detected.
in the movie truly shows the relationship of different generations. Especially remembered the boy's family Shred. Parents are desperately trying to impose his "love of art" that he did not grow numb. They are something, and do not know that their son is the good heart, and he genuinely cares about his new four-legged friend. And his "educated" Mom and Dad can not even understand what he found in this vagrant PSE. That's the irony here. The film has become a classic, sad, but so wonderful. The creators have shown how important it is in all circumstances be a man, to help those in need, even if you see them for the first time. And, last but not least, get round them whose heart has never known love and compassion
«-. But life goes on, it is because there is hope, without which life would kill despair. It is winter, but I know I will be sure to spring. And there are snowdrops. »
All continues. People and animals die and are born, seasons succeed each other, but the friendship is one of those eternal values, without which all this would long ago have lost all meaning. Especially true friendship between man and dog.

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