"White Bim Black Ear" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Every animal lover very hard to tolerate separation from your pet (be it a cat, dog, horse or any other animal). We look forward to returning home, when the door opens, we will run out towards the one for whom we are committed at the time, the one to whom we gave the promise always to love him, take care of it, cherish very much. Of course, I'm talking about the real owners, not those who simply dream of a beautiful "toy».
plot. A lone man found the one he missed. This creature was a dog. The fate of the unfortunate man gave respite. Complete before the tragic events of life took on a new, hitherto unknown, a joyful tone. Shade "yellow leaves" ... The following year was the happiest man in life: he appeared not just one, not just a member of the family, and much more. The dog became a part of his soul, filling it in the gaping wounds of the past. But the respite was given not man, Fate took it to yourself to put your next Sinister Strike. It is known, evil begets evil. In humans, after the war was a splinter in the heart, which, after many years continued to hurt him. The man was forced to go to another city hospital, where he could help. The dog, though surrounded by people, in actual fact remains alone. She begins to search for his master, during which there is a variety of events. The key figures of all events are people who are opposites of each other: good and evil, the merciful and cruel. Final ... I knew what the outcome of the story, but it still did not believe in such an outcome until the very end of the film. Like something is wrong, this should not have happened. And, most importantly, why it is in the very long-awaited for man, the moment? ..
Roles. To me, will forever remain a mystery why the animals on the screen look so natural? All movements, actions, expression of the eyes ... It's very sincere. Or animals by nature great actors, or they shoot brilliant directors. Always worth noting Vyacheslav Tikhonov, who played Ivan - owner Bima. There are a variety of actors, professionals, masters of their craft, but this ... I almost close to the screen moves up when Tikhonov appeared in the frame. I would strongly feel the moment to capture them in memory
Why we love animals I am responsible for myself this question as follows:.? We just believe them. Everyone knows that no animal can not deceive, dissemble and betray. These qualities are inherent to humans. Fortunately, not all people. And in difficult moments animals, as they can support us. For example, cats beg on his hands, and the dogs with the understanding in the eyes of us put their chins on their knees. Surprisingly, it immediately becomes easier by the fact that they share our pain. But tell me, who among us is now able to really feel sorry for dirty stray dog? Take it to yourself, or at least, he ran home to bring him something to eat. Instead, we call in the veterinary services, so that they came and sterilized stray animals in our yard. Or does sedated. But we still justify himself: "This is to ensure that the poor animals are not obsessed." So we pay the animals for their love and devotion. It is unfair, really?
Psychologists say that a person's character, his future behavior and outlook are laid in early childhood. Therefore, the I ask the parents to see the movie "White Bim Black Ear," along with their young children . I understand the film and hard for an adult. Therefore do not go after seeing just go about their business. Talk with your child a little, ask around him. This will help you make sure that the child correctly understood the meaning of the movie, as much as possible and do as well as possible, who in the film was a good man, and who is bad. If he is not learned, then calmly explain to him. Believe me, in the future it will respond in the most positive way.
Evaluation. I am ashamed, but the film I watched for the first time today. Why is there such a great picture of me before was unknown - I do not know. Director's and camera work, music, script, actors - all to the highest score. In addition, very pleased that the film was made in our country. And it made perfectly. Well done.
10 of 10.
P.S. If you liked "White Bim Black Ear," I advise you to watch the movie "Eight Below."

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