"White Bim Black Ear" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I do not even want to write something about this film. "White Bim Black Ear" - a true example of Soviet books Drama genre. About that, I mean, we'll talk later. Now the estimate and in the end make a conclusion on the film adaptation of the story of Gabriel Troepol'skaya of the same name.
I must say a few words about the director of this film. His name is Stanislav Rostockiy. Personality is quite famous was in the Soviet space, is hardly someone immediately remember who he is and what he does. To me, he is known for the film adaptation of the novel by Boris Vasilyev "The Dawns are quiet here '. In addition to 'White Bim Black Ear' and '... And Dawns Here Are Quiet ", he also directed the popular film" We'll Live Till Monday ". All of this suggests that he is a talented man. Now move on to the evaluation criteria.
anybody not a secret that the most important genre of drama actor's game. Since this genre plays on the viewer's senses. Push the same at these same feelings or emotions may be only the product of a hero. Not a few important criteria is the story and the game soundtrack
Actor:. How could I not want to admit it, but the actors have played well. Emotions and their way they passed again excellent, unfortunately, nothing to complain about. I will not say the names of certain characters, as are not in them, but in their actions. I would like to also note that each character was a person, but not in the sense in which you can understand, because these people called persons not dare. The fact that he felt all the bad things and the good things they have experienced. The director is fully revealed images of actors, as required for their role. More simply, the heroes were not phony, and were important parts of the whole mechanism. Here as well, which again is typical for the Soviet film industry, there was a big line, which divided the antagonist or antagonists with the protagonist or protagonists. To the first, I felt not transmitted anger and contempt in his head walked different is not the most decent thought. By the end, I even put it on pause for a rush of anger abated. But the fact is that I can not speak to the protagonists that the feelings were very different. These also I felt antipathy, but I understood that these are events that do not depend on them. And angry because of this, it would not be very far-sighted
Plot:. At the main character killed everyone he loved. He would have been withered, if in his life there was Bim. Agree, it hints at the beautiful story between a man and a dog? But it was not there. To be honest, I was closer to the middle of the realized that the ending is not typical. I myself quietly been preparing for this, but not as it turned out later. Putting aside all these mites as they are not present. As for the unexpected sharp plot turns, then yes they are not enough. Each turn brings you into an even bigger shock. In addition, I have angered the idea that here because the dog did some ownerless thing. I was also surprised that so low and beautifully done with Bimom. Of course, I understand that the director here raises some kind of problem, which we will discuss later. But how can you, so inhumanly and low to deal with the poor dog? Me it is still very surprising. But okay, this is the lyrics. By itself, the plot addictive. From the first minute you are just immersed in this universe. 3:00 These are generally unnoticed. In addition to all written, I would like to add that the technical component of the film was also not without blemish. Now I'm not talking about the graphics, as I have in mind the story of building structure. Since there are some gaps that remain and by some questions. But despite all this, it is impossible to convey in words the story, you have to do to miss it all through yourself
Soundtrack:. Almost the entire film is made on the basis of music in the style of Minor. In other words, this music is very depressing and watch this movie with bad and depressed mood just not worth it. Since the music conveys a very strong atmosphere, and you immerse yourself even more in the Moscow 70s. As I put it above, there is also a nice song, such as "Train" - Andrei Petrov. Despite this after watching remembered only minor compositions. But still deny the good work by Andrei Petrov (composer of cinematographic works) is not necessary.
Thus, "White Bim Black Ear" is one of the worst films of the genre of drama, which I unfortunately had to see. Why did I write? Because it is a classic Soviet drama. I for his life read a lot of books at that time: 'Do not shoot in white swans "," The Dawns Here Are Quiet "," Garnet Bracelet "," Sotnikov', 'The list does not mean' and a bunch of drama, military books and so Further. Well, the book about the war can still be understood, since the war. But the books about love, about the same in all animals the same end. I think you know what I mean. After watching the mood was spoiled and only sorrow and the anger remained in my soul. In any case, blame the film is not worth it, because it's a real drama. The film itself is very heavy on perception. Besides all the above, here it raises the problem of the relationship of animals and humans. It is clear that the director and the writer wants to tell us that love animals and mistreated them, but it was possible to demonstrate this a little differently. Total recommended for viewing, the film is worth it. Especially the growing generation, as Soviet cinematographic always something to teach, can, in his particular style, but to deny the fact that it is not necessary. I would put 10, but due to the spent nerves -2 points.
8 out of 10

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