"Whisper of the Heart" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

In contrast to the American method of production of animated films, which deal with staging maybe even a whole team of 3-4 people, in Japan in the director's chair made of a single plant director, collaboration of this kind there is rare. Here again I took up directing only one director - lead animator Studio Ghibli Kondo Osifumi. This director's work was his first and last - shortly after the creation, he died at the age of 47 years. Sadly, because he created perhaps one of the best cartoons, not only the studio, but also the country and would again and again to delight their creations millions of people around the world.
In creating a script involved the notorious director Hayao Miyazaki, who often likes create stories about the young members of the fairer sex. Here and there in the center of the plot stands a girl named Shizuku, which in appearance can be given somewhere age 14. She is a good student in school, get along well with their parents and peers and is very fond of going to the library. One day, she notices that on the form almost any book, which she will take no is the name of a Amasavy Seiji. And then another, and a mysterious sineuhy cat leads her to the grandfather of the very young men.
Like and similar subjects, and these characters would have not been enough, and like musical chords are formed in a strikingly familiar harmony. But how nice it all to listen and watch all this. Here are cute two friends sing on the bench, so soon after that Shizuku funny swearing, and now the whole ensemble performs a familiar melody. But most of all pleased that the creators are trying to avoid the typical plot twists and annoying clichés. Yes, the familiar story structures here full, but they do not look like something hackneyed and banal. In principle, the Japanese studio known for the fact that, unlike the West, try less to please viewers who want to see the film in the film is the same. Yes, and it is difficult to meet the Japanese jokes below the belt, which in recent years have become almost mandatory attribute of American cartoons.
seems that the target audience (and it just teenagers) stayed more than satisfied with what he saw. Young viewers will be able to easily identify with the characters and want to see myself in their place. They may experience a palette of emotions, from laughter to tears, from joy to sadness, from affection to embarrassment. The secret of such a particularly strong impact that this cartoon, unlike most works Ghibli studio, devoid of the fantastic element completely. From beginning to end, the heroes are in our world. The exception is perhaps that episode when Shizuku gets in his own fantasy world (it on the screen embodied impressionist painter Naohisa Inoue, significantly stands out for its baroque style). Although this work thing I want to be called a fairy tale, it is the world looks real enough, and how much invented. The paradox, but for all its plausibility, this whole amazing reliable transmission of characters, all expressive movements of the world seems much fabulous than the world some fantastic cartoon, populated by ghosts, witches, or unusual animals. After all, the characters all are better than ever, they practically do not make mistakes, do not say anything stupid, they are not particularly characteristic of the problems that beset the actual teens. They are happy to run through the deserted streets of their city clean and tidy, neatly sing for fun, and adults, these include an extremely complacent
In this regard, revealing episodes when Shizuku passes tough test -. Decides to write a book to be less hard-working and purposeful Seiji. And checks are not only its capacity, but also the relationship with his parents. As a result, her work gets the best tip of all: Grandpa says that her work is, of course, naive, raw, unfinished, but it felt a lot of talent in it. Not surprisingly, that after these words from overflowing emotions Shizuku cry. Even she probably understands that better than simply can not be. All her life and that of her friends - it's a dream, Implemented in Java. Osifumi Kondo managed to create a perfect world, where it is so warm and cozy, where you want to live and which he did not want to come back.
8,5 out of 10

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