"Whisper of the Heart" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Country roads take me home
To the place I belong.
West Virginia mountain momma
Take me home country roads.
A familiar name ... Yeah, I saw him here. And here he is. All I read before me
savvy sense of romance to easily calculate how 'man blacksmith himself of his love' plus 'love - true happiness' still '. the man himself architect of his own happiness. " The task of Whisper of the Heart as well as other works of Miyazaki show this eternal truth in all its original beauty and purity. Thus was born the first love. Thus was born a feeling that can keep up with the dream of beautiful music under Urey Nome.
underwear on the balcony, and all that sweet school life. Cover up in clothes with a book, and wake up with a print page on the cheek. Collect the road mother or older sister, who always forget things. Feel the world some sharper than others, see it as sun glare on the water or through the delicate foliage and enjoy like crazy. Search Prince to match itself, even under the old records in the library, because cruelty disappointments have not had time to erode the soul of a miracle. So familiar to every student. Miracle - it is fragile. It is like a fairy - born from the first laugh and die from the first 'I do not believe'
Shizuku so naive, see a good sign, even in a ship drifting in the sky.. And I am for several days did not see.
Shizuku, you're in love with someone? The truth is great when there is someone else? And you can prepare for exams together.
If fate has intended to drive someone to mind the idea of ​​destiny, she invents a thousand at your leisure most amusing ways. For example, introduce and immediately quarrel between two people, who even before the meeting wanted to be together. She's so spoiled, this fate, and she was bored. Stay for a while in Tokyo, she brought with her a kind and gentle melody, rather a request for love - Take me home, just take the hand and bring, because I myself am confused and lost the way
Miyazaki not. I get tired to surprise each new axiom feeling that we've forgotten something as an adult. Masterpieces by hard work and love, so harmoniously combine gray zhzhuzhaschie weekdays and lofty dreams that make a sharp contrast to the best melodrama about love boring adults. They have all the sex scenes kissing yes, even among minors. And in the tales of Miyazaki and Co love all - the personification of the soul, not the body
That little Shizuku finds a lot of important things to do and does not clog the head of things that still do not understand.. Light scenic delights fate. Meanwhile suddenly becomes each new page of a book about her life. She suddenly became similar to those antique clock that showed the grandfather of shops with antiques.
To the tune of delicate sounds from the balcony looked beautiful princess, elf, with transparent wings, and half-closed eyes. And she watched the king of gnomes. They live in different worlds, and love for them - a tragedy, because they can be together only when the clock strikes twelve. And every time he shows up and is waiting for her. Probably was a watchmaker himself hopelessly in love
As part of her dreams -. Words, poems, translations, songs, story. And the result - Country roads lyrics translated into Japanese. A bit strange, but melodic. Girl buries his head in books and music, not to think about what an old soul and prevents live. She liked the height and the way fell on the Tokyo sunlight. I found my little paradise, where she could go back, and then realized that he could ever stay in it with your loved
interesting -. Are all the blame on the sensitive and impressionable nature, but people store Shizuku and probably do not need another love. It is dangerous to rely on the circumstances, it is desirable - say the skeptics parents. But the heat is still a faint smile survivors wonderland that pulls a similar clue. We probably all know themselves, but do not believe. The main character has tempered his character in the eternal wrangle with her older sister and the struggle for their irrepressible desire for reading. Initially, the least it looked like a romantic mood fool. But tons of books read did their job - if the princes wrote about it then wait
most amazing feeling of Whisper of the Heart provides the versatility of the created world.. The main character - not its center, around autonomously unfolding of his humble wraps stories of ordinary people, without our intervention and even without the intervention of the creators. They are all circling in a smooth dance like clouds in the sky or the pages of the manuscript, caught up by the wind. And no one can take away the championship laurels
but immature young girl sing song voice through the prism of their own rain:.
Not taking anything, I left the city. I tried to forget the sadness and believe in themselves. I'm trying to be strong.
«Do you want to know and do not want. In my heart and joy and anxiety "- classmate can make fun of it, but it can really better off not knowing? Live with a myth that the king of gnomes at midnight standing under her window, and always will be. But a strange voice worries in a dream. If the heart is in anguish whispers - come back, and around the world - it is wrong. But Shizuku and Seiji strong ever they feel the right way. Maybe even before slowly disappear over the horizon donated Sands of Time 111 minutes.

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