"Whisper of the Heart" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

say if cross cats or dogs from the same noble breed, the result is a defective offspring. Still speak - the best steel - with the addition of carbon or nickel, they impart strength and flexibility of the blade, and the more acute
So the film 'Whisper Heart. ". Studio Ghibli, Miyazaki Sensei script itself, but an amazing drawing - became director Eshifumu Condo, frequenter and producer on Dzibli. And the bar, perhaps a new way of seeing things, a new milestone in the construction of the painting bright brush walked across the tape. Perhaps the brightest gem of Japanese animation and one of the best on the Ghibli films opens a new studio
seems everything is as usual, as always: the end of high school, and the kids at the crossroads;. everyone has their own thoughts, their own affairs, somebody dreams, and somebody neznaet think about anything, and everyone wakes up some new feeling ... beautiful and warms everything inside.
For Shizuku high school never It has some cherished dream. She just loved to read books. I went to school, like everything worked, played, composed translations of Western songs. Until one day fate brought her not one strange fellow. First, coarse and nasty, it became dearer and dearer to it, with each second that are performed together. Amazing things and events that occur in the film need only look. It is impossible to describe
Shizuku need to get together and make a choice of the further way, but now it has a new idea -. It is necessary to test yourself. She wants to make sure that her faith and talent are worth something, or maybe it's worth it ...
So close to the heart
Although between us 8000 kilometers we have nothing else from each other is no different, and our hearts beat as one. Therefore, such a film look so easy and pleasant, and the atmosphere and all of life's problems can easily fall into place in any Russian city
degree to which played up the smallest details -. The behavior of the cat eye statues and gnomes, producing such gems ... I have never seen. The film is a fairy tale, it returns those moments that will forever remain in the memory, and these pieces of living-related and incoherent complement each other creating a stunning masterpiece.
This single word. In the film, several main characters, each with their own life problems, their world
Parents Shizuku -. They are caring and attentive, able to cry out when you need to, but know when to keep his daughter ... Mother writes master's thesis at the Institute, and father works in a library, which is very convenient for the little girl-pedant
sister Shizuku -. adult and independent girl, she tries to behave like a mother in communion with Shizuku and it constantly teaches and gives advice or requires obedience. She helps her mother at all to deserve her trust and have resettled. She is independent, is studying in high school and works part-time in a half-shift
Yukko -. Best friend. She has not yet decided on the choice of college, and her heart are more concerned with the case. As sighs object stranger, she secretly in love with a classmate. She continually consults with Shizuku. Like all, it are quarrels with parents and in some point of the film, she pointedly not talking with his father
Grandpa Nishi - grandfather, mentor and best friend of Seiji-kun. He understands like no other youth issues. Acting didactically and with a smile looking at their cute problems and quarrels, he always knows how to properly support the guys
Man art -. Once he was in love, but lost contact with loved because of the war, which spread to their country of insurmountable distances . He is a talented handyman, musician and artist perhaps, just go to take. Very reminiscent of Uncle Airo 'Avatar'
Amazava Seiji -. Protagonist. He likes to read and master violins, a good student, and knows how to play them. Like most children of this kind it is closed in itself, but quite brash and is sometimes friendly and nice. His dream - to go to Italy for training in the workshop for skripachnyh masters. Other things his little care. The turning point in his life - meeting with Tsukishima. Their opposites meet and each obtains an important lesson
Tsukishima Shizuku -. Heroine. The girl will have to choose college. She is at a crossroads, but it seems that the college is now little it cares, because in her life prosihodit things much more important: she falls in love and someone confesses his love to her, she wrote poetry and quarrels with her parents, she finds the whole world in the House of Artists on the hill and the stranger finds a man who was looking for.
everyone goes this way and it is so easy to understand, but God, how beautiful and wonderful it all is drawn. Pages paper and wall clock, narrow house and rainwater flow between the fences.
indescribable beauty film. The alliance of the two artists has created the greatest masterpiece, a masterpiece of the most simple and understandable things. The real destiny and dreams of ordinary people and that is why they are so unique.
If you listen, you can hear so much new, to understand the people around you and hear the whisper of his heart ... he will tell what to do.
ten-point scale, and even tysyacheballnaya not be able to evaluate the contribution of this film in the soul development, especially baby showers. Mandatory for all who are looking for something that can not understand, and all the children and their parents.
'What if you have not chosen, what will you do in life you love, and you have no right?'
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