"Whisper of the Heart" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

This is the only film animator Condo Osifumi, where he serves as director of Studio Ghibli (after which he soon died tragically).
This is the first cartoon where computer graphics applied. But if you compare the rendering of the main characters and the world around them (houses, trees, home furnishings), you'll see a huge difference. The richness of the world of details is so great that absorbs your attention completely visual. Unfortunately, most do not notice, because they are used to watch movies captured through the lens (where the details matter of course supplement - movies wean us to 'see' details). For example, the entrance door to the grandfather's store: there are very realistically drawn all the features of a wooden painted surface and rubbing near the handle of the time and traces of shoe bottom. No less deeply elaborated textures and other objects (scratches, cracks, spots and stains on the walls and sidewalks, changing the color of illumination throughout the day, the reflection of objects and people in the glass showcases, polishing tables in the classrooms and the library. Therefore, in the film as many scenes showing us the beauty of the world:. and the nature and the city (especially the evening with its colorful lights are born romantic holiday feeling) a plurality of frames in the film can be viewed as individual paintings of modern artists Moreover, maps. us these dynamic, for example, almost all the general plans of the city is constantly moving train -. the desire of director to give dynamism to revitalize the city A separate scenes of nature (wind, rain, clouds) are generally brilliant, for example, is a trifle -.. when they stand on the roof of the school and raindrops falling into puddles create circles.
should be singled out and music. Many people know that the music in the film affects the spectator emotionally deeper than the picture. And this is due to the fact that consciously we usually focus on the story and the music easily penetrates into our 'I', raising the emotional layers. Pictures of nature in the film are accompanied by a smooth, meditative melody, creates a feeling of harmony. For example, in the beginning, when Shizuku wakes up, going, going around the city in the viewer a sense of the distant born serene childhood. E., Where the music is specially written for an adult to make him this feeling.
And here the main characters (as well as other people) in the film on the contrary, the minimum attention to detail which primarily reflects their facial expressions, gestures,, the expression of their character. This is another, invisible world, the world of relationships, emotions and actions. Here comes the intrigue, the semantic level of the film. And the meaning of this is very simple. On the surface of youthful love, children and teenagers, and the usual family relationships. But behind them are also deeply conceived plot lies. Compare for example, the nature and life priorities two friends Yuki and Shizuku, match them with their families (from Yuki's father, appears to be a manager in a large firm but communicate its not up to par, mother - housewife with traditional and simple approach to life, the family has his home and average income). In Shizuku family of intellectuals: the mother finishes 2nd highest, father and eldest daughter also with education. This reflects the special home furnishings in each of them. Note that every object in their house (apartment) reflects their particular life style of their life. Therefore, we no explanation can tell how they live, what they do every day. All items are complementary and life priorities characters, so the film is perceived so realistic. For example, by Yuko we do not expect such a commitment and romanticism (which form the basis of the plot of the movie) from both Shizuku, which is a bit 'out of this world', and therefore cognitively very flexible and capable of extraordinary things, unlike those around her peers.
The film shows a model of education (for example, Shizuku), which at the output provides socially active, creative person, capable of self-set goals and achieve them. While Yuka focused on beautiful-ugly, like-nenravitsya Shizuku delights 'And you did everything himself, with his own hands!', 'How do you plan to everyone, and I just go with the flow'. Note that the one who actually goes with the flow, do not focus on it. And for whom it is important, he is ready for challenges. He and Sandy is not just love, they, first of all, the mutual attraction of similar personalities supporting and inspiring each other. Therefore, the last frame of the movie 'hugs', perceived a little tune (but he apparently addressed to teenagers). Hard to believe that they could be together (each of them focused primarily on their achievements). For example, Shizuku wrote the story not in order, that would be like Sandy (he, she already liked), but that would be the same in order to achieve something in this world, that the world would recognize it. It could, when he went to Italy, to wait and worry (as it did Yuka), as if planning their future relations, but chose their targets. And here at Yuki with Sigimuroy could well turn an ordinary family. Interestingly, the pass-through of the film song (Country Road) first has nothing to do with what is happening (although it sounds from the beginning). It blends harmoniously with the semantic plot only after the story of 'Baron' and the grandfather of Sandy (at the beginning and contributes to the emergence of an adult sense of nostalgia for childhood). Grandfather Sandy plays the role of the teacher (sensei) in full agreement with the Japanese tradition of learning. Unlike school, where they produce 'simple knowledge' he instills young people value orientations, shapes them as a person. But it can be done not with all teenagers. For example, Yuke it would not come. She would be quite enough, and the life goals, which gave her parents. But Shizuku as Sandy from those who want to go further on his way, and so they need a teacher. After all, the story of his grandfather teaches how to live apart - it's not a happy story in the usual sense. But for individuals starting their special way of a story is a source of inspiration. After all, to achieve something we must be able to give up a lot.

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