"Whisper of the Heart" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Whisper of the heart '- filled with quiet joy, unique anime. At first glance, it draws daily life and personal care of a teenage girl from the apartment building is filled with a variety of domestic parts and devoid of fantastic elements. Yet anime is more fabulous than many tales. The main characters can not save the world and fight against evil, but the history carries more than any other action-packed thrillers
The story itself is not easy -. We seemed to show the first romantic love, but the characters, but her love binds a different kind - more durable and sublime. And its background unfolds another story - strong characters, victims struggle, self-discovery and self-realization. The history of writing the main characters of the story - their lives. We see an ordinary city in which 'betonka leveled mountains and forests', but at the turn of concrete road suddenly has a beautiful scenery and a fabulous location. And all this against the background of great music, sadness and joy that gives our world.
And the characters themselves are not simple. This is not typical for the anime silly that trouble teens. Moreover, they are smarter, deeper and have a stronger character than the vast majority of adults.
teenage girl (Shizuku) grows in a family of intellectuals, it has a flexible mind and a strong character, spends most of his time reading in the library, as well as translations of foreign songs in Japanese and wrote ironic poems. And her interest the Seiji - man, whom she had never seen - whose name Shizuku found in library cards
At some point, the heart begins to whisper Shizuku that all the stories in the books -. Not real, and it is taken to make the story of his life. It helps her in this fat cat on the train neighbor who, like the white rabbit, takes Shizuku-Alice in Wonderland. In this country, our Alice meets a sad baron, who lost his beloved (the cat statue), a good magician - old masters, and Prince Charming - Seiji Seiji
But is not the same as the Princes in the books -. He, though, and fairy-tale prince, turned real - mocking and slightly arrogant. Once the heart has whispered about Shizuku, but she did not listen to him. Seiji as uneasy as Shizuku - smart, purposeful, talented, and, in an amicable way, brash. He is much more complex and better fantasies Shizuki. And besides - it is also a kind of magician
What happens between Shizuku and Seiji -. Love. But this is such a rare kind of love, which is as far above the ordinary love, as it is less and it 'unnatural'. This kind of love is called friendship. True friendship, not a partnership, friendship or affection (empathy). This is when the two suddenly find that they are not alone in their understanding of the world and look in the same direction. Of course, such a rare and high sense of the representatives of different sexes, if they are not physically repel each other, can not fail to love - when friends are watching, not only in one direction, but in admiration at his friend
Seiji. Shizuku is similar to how similar in its unique perspective on the world of friends, but not similar. He is able to do great things and stubbornly goes to his goal, the admiration of friend and her desire to meet the other, which happens only when real friendship. It is not luggage, but the assistant, not only need love from its incompleteness, but to give her -. From excess
And remember the sad story of Shizuku elven princess and the king of the dwarves, who can see each other only for a moment, but not can meet, separated by time. And then Shizuku decides to overtake the time - to catch up with Seiji and go along with it. And oh, how it is not easy - you need to do something to sacrifice, to go against the flow and accept the consequences. It is necessary to listen to the whisperings of your heart and to understand - who are you? In this case, the answer is often to learn more frightening than not knowing it at all. The risk may be entirely in vain, and not have her any precious stone. Are the risk? Is not it better to go with the flow? Will she be able to find a precious stone under a slate, or there is a void? What choice do?
Only love, courage and strength of character Shizuku pushed into a dangerous race against time and circumstances, bumping into alienation and misunderstanding of others. Is Shizuku finds himself in this way? Or break, begin to consider themselves a burden Seiji, feeling sorry for myself, and, ultimately, hate it when love goes? Many older and much more experienced - break. Someone lacks wisdom, someone of character, and someone becomes a victim of his own selfishness
But if she wins, and the reward will be precious -. After all could not be more happy and lasting relationships between men and women than built on real friendship, coupled with love. Love will take place, but the friendship remains, as well as mutual assistance, affection and admiration. And Shizuku, as should a real writer, learn to hear the whispers of other hearts - old masters, mates, her lover
And here we come to the most contentious in this wonderful anime -. The role of a fairy tale. It is very wise, strong and talented Shizuku and Seiji - where it is not something that teenagers and most adults would commit follies, the pair almost does not make mistakes. They are as intelligent and understand the family - wise grandfather with his sad story, trust the decisions Shizuku parents, and even played the role of her comrades. Not to mention the cat. Where 35-year-old heroine of 'Yesterday' reinvents his childhood in the hope to correct the mistakes and change the future, 14-year-old Seiji and Shizuku, as if being played, build their fabulous, perfect world. Lack of whether it?
In my opinion, this is a unique advantage. 'Whisper of the heart' is the antithesis of the typical anime where psychologically traumatized adolescents, filling cones, trying to integrate into normal life. It also shows us other anime - smart, strong and motivated young men and women who are trying to break out of the web of 'ordinary life' in the fabulous world of wonders created by the power of their friendship, minds and characters, the strength of their hearts. However, 'Country roads' singing, they begin the long journey on the road of life, seeing themselves one goal and helping each other. With a friend because always fun to go. And if a friend is also the beloved / lover, then what could be better?
Country roads took them home.
P.S. Another advantage is at this unique anime - you do is unnecessary to understand the inherent to it senses, reading this long review, in order to enjoy the wonderful fairy tales, beautiful scenery, wonderful music, and the elusive joy that will bring you to 'Whisper of the heart' . The only kind of creature Condo Osifumi stands apart from all other anime. Its definitely worth seeing.
10 of 10

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