Which Program Is More Effective In Reducing Alcohol Concumption  Essay

Firstly it is necessary to consider both program used to decrease alcohol consumption rate in Western Europe. Preventure is an alcohol prevention project, which use a new method based on targeting personality traits. A prospective investigation (Conrod 2000, Comeau, Stewart & Loba 2001) have found four personality factors which have been proved to be predictors of illegal substance use onset. These risk factors are Negative Thinking, Anxiety Sensitivity, Impulsivity and Sensation Seeking. Each of them as Comeau (2001) states associated with different motives for alcohol use onset. To find a way how to reduce substance use Conrod elaborated a brief school-based intervention.

The program uses motivational interviewing approach and personal skills training to help students to cope with their problems resulted from personality traits. The focus of the method is traits management strategies rather than alcohol use. The intervention consist of 90-minute group sessions given by expert therapists and assistant with master degree. The first session is aimed on goal-setting exercises elaborated to motivate students to investigate their personality. Unplugged is a school curricula designed to address both regular and experimental use of illicit substance. This method emphasizes on comprehensive social influence model, which integrate life skills elements. The program also focuses on providing information about alcohol and other drugs to correct normative beliefs about the substances. Unplugged consist of twelve one-hour lessons given once a week. Teachers who deliver the program have to undergo a 2,5 day training. All the lessons are divided into three parts.

The first block aims to inform adolescents about alcohol toxicity and its ramification. The second block of the program uses role-play to deal with teenagers’ position and belief about illicit substances. It also impact on students’ social relationship, interpersonal skills. The final block considers intrapersonal skills. Teachers train students to think critically and make decisions. Assertiveness and refusal skills are also taught in this part.

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