"When the Trees Were Tall (1961)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Moscow rogue and boozer Cyril K. Yordanov - a man and a little unstable, which is always with elegant spontaneity played Yuri Nikulin. Unemployed without family and who knows what the fifteen days, and what tastes lousy wine each eatery. The public is led astray, trying to arrange Iordanova though for some work, deprivation of residence threatened, and he could not care less. Podshabashil on transport, and like some money for a couple of days will be enough, and then, sometimes, and Shaher-Maher some turned up.
day, helping the new-born Muscovite, granny from the farm Selivanovo, Jordan blew by ridiculous accident her washing machine and he rolled down the stairs. The band had a black in my life, what can you do. The hospital is Jordan, looks are not visit him none, and made him sad, and now the victim's grandmother said. But it is only now it would require a hapless porter compensation for damage to property, and in the Soviet cinema it worries that "for this machine man forgotten", and in the meantime said that her village also has a girl alone, without parents, the collective farm grown, all waiting until her razyschut. Cyril K. Yordanov without hesitation, made a plan as orphan sit on the neck and went to get acquainted with newfound daughter.
picture Lion Kulidzhanov sample 1961 will be interesting to modern audiences primarily to the fact that it is not spoiled by serious roles Yuri Nikulin, who only New year in the "caucasian captive" show. In addition, there must be longing for the good, good movie that successfully filmed in the Soviet Union and even shown at the Cannes Film Festival. While Michelangelo Antonioni and Ingmar Bergman tried to impress the viewer depths of existential impasse in person, our directors like Leo Kulidzhanov offering their patented state, recipes, as a man out of this impasse pull
First and foremost, of course -. "Work made from monkey man. " "When the trees were big" owe much to the pathos of the many five-year plans, slips into the frame as obryvchatyh reports on the implementation of the production plan the various collective farms. "You're a working man" - exclaims a policeman. "Man working for show, but in the soul of a quitter" - parries and for myself, and for others Jordan. And then still: remember the hand chisel, remember the plumbing! Judging by the film, this is the culmination of re Iordanova, its purest indicator. It would be naive, of course, well and what is bad, when people are working?
chisel in the hands of Cyril K. clears his conscience, it hurts him when he sees "his daughter" Natasha, anxiously believing that it has found, at last, his father. And in this second film pathos to any person in the past, believe him. Let it - a rogue, let - a miserable drunkard, but if the heart had not been, then once it is bound to turn up and hurts when a person with such warmth and kindness
It is not necessary to believe this film and find it logical understatement. and disadvantages. There is a stunning Yuri Nikulin, refuting all the doubts about the versatility of his acting talent, so he is very convincing in the role of conscientious rascal Iordanova. Charming Inna Gulaya little replayed, but in a remarkable Soviet manner that is non-irritating, and causes only emotion. The ideal of the collective farm chairman, a real Soviet person, by Vasily Shukshin. Even pure love story involving a young Leonid Kuravleva. Signs of the times about the hard work of the collective farms, and collective initiative can be perceived not as a window-dressing, but as the author's example of an ideal society that can provide support and save it from falling any person who is in a difficult situation. Maybe then people knew that they show a fairy tale, and that man descended raise impossible, and maybe we are wrong now, denying these people the help and did not believe in them? Once trees, however, were great, and it seems to me, the people in the mass were not small.
8 out of 10

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