"When the Trees Were Tall (1961)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I love this movie. He's special. It is necessary to separate from all the other movies of the Soviet era. Movie with deep meaning. Very soulful. Leo Kulidzhanov special director, his films are always different deep sense and humanity. A wonderful movie about how faith in man, the purity and sincerity can cure the sick soul and regain their lost dignity. A little funny, dramatic, romantic, humanely.
The film tells about the fate of man survived the war. The protagonist of the film Kuzma Kuzmich Yordanov after the war returned home from the hopelessness of life left in the bout. The director does not give precise explanations of the fact what was the life of the protagonist before and after, but the audience is evident that hopeless future hero pulls on the bottom. Complete apathy, lack of aspirations and desires in life - that's what he has left. Now he does not want to live or what to seek, or in life, although he was constantly look for a job, trying to arrange. Everything changes when the protagonist discovers a girl-orphan Natasha who lives in a village who dreams of someday find lost parents in the war. To Iordanova is a chance for resurrection, and he uses it. After all, sometimes it turns out that help even a stranger, so help yourself and heal the wounds of his tortured heart. This is particularly evident when the next are two lonely souls. Now they are together and can finally relax from the constant troubles and unnecessary to others.
No matter how good modern films, but still very nice and really want to see the good old movies. Such as the film «When the trees were big» . Good old movie about good men. The protagonist of the film can be said irresponsible citizen and a parasite. He does not work anywhere. Always I watch the movie with great pleasure, because they generally like the old Soviet films (and this also shot another black-and-white film). Compared with modern, though they seem naive in some ways. But after such films personally I become kinder. And generally know what happiness it is not complicated, and do not need much for him. The essence of the film is to ensure that each of us has a chance at something to try to make someone happy and change everything in his life, the chances to get better.
Script Nicholas Figurovsky He has created a masterpiece that with the help of successful directing, was a real clash of realism and sentimentality, recorded on film. The game is very difficult to characterize the actors, the same Soviet actors, they do not play, they live the lives of their characters. Young and charming Leonid Kuravlev, charming Inna Gulaya, the master scene Vasily Shukshin, such a strong cast of can boast not every picture of that time. The camera work is impressive not least, what are some colorful panoramas and close-ups are very much alive and dynamic. And memorable music composer Leonid Afanasyev could not be successfully complements the overall idea directed by injecting emotional effect, causing the viewer to empathize with the heroes, to feel their emotions.
director made no mistake with the choice of Yuri Nikulin for the lead role. Another actor in this role can not be imagined. His boundless talent is visible in everything, in his movements, in his eyes, gait, facial expressions. This person is able to play any role, from the comical to the most tragic. Hero Nikulin is very pathetic in the movie depicts. It seems to be more youngish man, healthy, and some are absolutely lost. And guess what he did not own the girl's father, and that in principle it is, having the house and the work is no longer in need of layabout 'father', but something makes people show empathy, do not drive it, do not show up. This is the best part of a great artist, in my opinion. A particularly moving scene the father of the meeting with his daughter at the station just before the tears. Big trusting eyes Natasha , penetrate deep into the heart. Terrific.
Very nice without vulgarity shows the love story of two young people Natasha and Lenny . They are so young, so romantic, so sincere, so believe in everything that happens. Inna Gulaya and Leonid Kuravlev better than other actors come to these roles. Characters like it is not important, but very significant. Especially heroine Ina, Natasha , it is in fact the daughter of Kuzma Kuzmich .
meaning of the film "When the trees were big» - hoping for the best, the good in life and in others. This film is truly golden heritage of Soviet cinema, the timeless time. The masterpiece is rightly deserved limitless viewers love.
10 out of 10

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