"When the Trees Were Tall (1961)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The claimed altitude take failed
agree that there is such, though infrequent, that the film, which does not expect anything special, the outcome is very good, and you from him come to a complete delight. Even if you did already once seen, but it was a long time ago. We definitely look different eyes at the same things in different periods of his life. Sometimes, however, and vice versa. It seems to have seen the movie once, and he seemed to you interesting to recall that looked at one go. And now you take for his views, and that something is not fused in your mind. If this is not the picture. If not the emotions and all that is not right ...
In my childhood I was not cinephile, watched an average of one - two films a month, sometimes without much pleasure. But the painting "When the trees were big" fun, remember to have. I have a good memory for dates and circumstances, and I remember that watched this film in August 1997, when the whole country mourns the death of talented and beloved Yuri Nikulin.
Then, at ten years old, I liked the movie, but now - alas ... In other eyes, I looked at the job. First thought: maybe the picture lacks color, and because of this it does not look today as once? Eye for a long time accustomed to modern special effects and so on and so forth. But no, I remember read somewhere six months ago, "Once again about love" and understand - not the case. But something was wrong ...
always something annoying in the frame. Here Nikulin drops down the stairs the washing machine. Feeling as if specially cast. Awkward somehow it happened. It is understood that the specific scene, and shoot many takes hard. But still. Following the fall of the same ladders. And too clumsy. . Such small things, seemingly insignificant, the film enough
At some point comes to mind: maybe established way too Nikulin "stereotipichen"? Maybe. Frankly, for me Nikulin-film actor - primarily from the legendary kinotroitsy Goonies. Well, even Simon Semyonitch Gorbunkov from "Brilliant hands". Far from being able to claim that Yuri has been deprived of the gift of a dramatic actor, that he failed to character roles. To do this, at least should be fresh, today, look to revise several films, most notably "To me, Mukhtar!" And "They Fought for Their Motherland". But here is the role of Kuzma Iordanova him ... not that failed, but could be better.
However, the matter did not seem to Nikulin, who, as the central character of the painting, and gives another main character, and even minor characters, played by Vasily Shukshin Leonid Kuravlev and that, in fact, the film is stretched at a relatively good level. Frankly weak script this. Much, very much here "far-fetched" so that does not pay attention to it is simply impossible. Reminiscent of low-budget series, reaching in the afternoon on the central channels. Only briefly in the ninety-minute feature film format.
situation in itself is absurd. It was moved to Moscow in addition to the old lady in the whole village there is no person who would have remembered Natasha's real parents? Why is the heroine is not interested in itself, where he was all those years, her father, why not looked in his native village. Note that because the girl will not get lost, she grew up, where was born, and I remember that "the trees were big." What happened to my mother? Is Natasha is not interested? Clearly, the plot is based on the fact that, first of all, to show the "rebirth" Iordanova emphasize the changes that have taken place in his mind, etc. However, taking such a movie, still can not pass such obvious moments.
I can not pay attention to a funny analogy. The key moment of the film, when Jordan is trying to tell the truth, Natasha, reminded me of another picture featuring Nikulin. Remember how in the Diamond hand "Gorbunkov at some point, his wife gave to a question, that he had there under the cast, the phrase:" Gold and diamonds "? And then it came down to a joke. Something vaguely similar to those scenes. Only eight years after the "tree" Yuri played much organic and convincing.
I do not know what to write here about the actress Inna Gulaya, who played Natasha. Me about her almost nothing is known, and I have not seen her other roles, of which, incidentally, is not much. But in this movie I really liked. Moreover, it is only a game with such a sincere, if real, the emotions in the long run and save the picture. And the fact that it has to play by frankly wretched scenario, because the train is not her fault. In general, the cast of, no matter what, you can put behind this film rated "good." Well as much as possible. The only reason I put the film with respect to the highest score. The rest of the creators of the picture - very bad. They, like, were unsuccessful in the competition athletes who had long prepared, trained, trained, but at the crucial moment the stated height have not been able to take. Alas, this is not the level of the national cinema.
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