"When the Trees Were Tall (1961)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

For some small trees began
Sometime in the age of 10 you are impressed by the death of a popularly beloved clown and actor Yuri Nikulin watched a film in 1961, "When the trees were big." And the film made an impression on you, like in general. But it took 15 years - and what happens? Something you do not "grow together". Of course, over the years of filmmaking technology improved several times, there is nothing to talk about the comparison of quality. But in this case it's no matter. Or maybe you have changed? It is more important for you to become previously unnoticed details. Of course, we perceive the reality around us (including cinema) in different ways, subjective ... But ... Excellently cleverly you groaning all favorite movie. Written like in Russian and in compliance with the rules of spelling and punctuation, and feeling that he was writing a foreigner with knowledge of Russian language. Let's order.
good that even as a child you got pleasure from viewing. And then just forget and become a different person. Perhaps this is why the repeated viewing, you spoiled with all sorts of special effects and spectacle, no longer appeared. But movies like a tuning fork, people can check on them. Here you will not have been tested.
look in 15 years, you can enjoy again? Perhaps it would be interesting to look at kolorizovannuyu version of the film. I think if that happens, it will be another film, good-bad - it does not matter, the other ... I'm not anti-colorization of old movies, but in this case the color will change everything. Perception becomes another, disappear undertones, nuances, all will score the color details that will hit the eyes. And leave lyricism, humor, all that built the author's talent. That is this film any color or other special effects are not needed. It is imbued with the warmth incorporated in it, the intervention only spoil everything.
If you have something annoying, so it is with you that something is wrong, you may have a bad mood or a leg giving the subway. Fall scene of the washing machine and shot twice with these machines, only one case without a motor, and when it was necessary to record the sound of the unit falls from a height - something with a motor inside. Fall scene just wanted to indicate - that a person with excitement dropped someone else's car, to remedy the situation hurried down - and fell down the stairs, and then was taken to hospital. Well, do not invite the same stunt? It is important that the old lady, I realized that before her unfortunate person, it is important that she came to him, felt sorry for him, and told a story about Natasha. And then in the village took it without saying anything to Natasha.
What does "image Nikulin stereotipichen" (actually the correct stereotyped)? Well, if you remember just a comedy, not the best work Nikulin, it does not mean that there is no other. Scarecrow, Twenty Days Without War, dot, dot, comma, Andrei Rublev, old men-robbers, and in the film Little Fugitive Nikulin just played himself. Is the stereotypical images? Bonehead is not out of this series and himself Yuri understands this well. Certainly the image of the actor, his invoice always prevails in the roles he creates, the more Nikulin was always recognizable, but that's the trick, the actor brilliantly reincarnated in all his roles, and for that love.
And you all mixed up in my head. And why did you decide that Nikulin inferior to anyone else? And if you look into the history of the film, you'll know that the writer Figurovsky first wrote history as something like a prudent witch, but Kulidzhanov did not like, he offered a lot of rework. Figurovsky not immediately, but I agreed with him, and was born as a result of a script called "When the trees were big" (Nikulin incidentally is the name did not like). The main role was planned to shoot Merkureva, the outstanding Russian artist, but for a number of circumstances that did not happen, the authors saw in the Nikulin Circus and it was finally approved.
shot in Moscow and in the Moscow region village. during the scenario has changed, something added, something was cleaned (for example, left the scene with the lilies of the valley in which our hero is traded on the market). The shooting came a year. And how can you compare this job with the modern film industry, when a week removed the series? And what else is "farfetched»?
film have to look carefully. "The old lady, moved to Moscow" - the only person who knew the true face Iordanova because she told him everything, but Natasha's parents, she also did not see his eyes. They were never seen again. No absurdity, and all very reasonably. we learn from the story of the old lady, that in 1941 on Selivanovo station near her home village fascists bombed train with evacuees. Parents probably "kill", and remained one year old daughter, Natasha is the same, that all the collective farm and raised, grown. And she was not born in this village and in an unknown location from which came the train, where "the trees were big." And as you might think about Natasha that she is not interested in the fate of fathers and mothers? Yes it is only about this and thinks. About her mother probably something naplel Kuzma Kuzmich, the authors delicately dropped the subject. It is the author's case.
If Nikulin got up from the grave and read that the Diamond arm put up "tree", he would not believe his eyes. How can you compare a comedy filmed in a hurry Gaidai designed to amuse people, to "warm up" before shooting "The Twelve Chairs" from the movie masterpiece Kulidzhanov? Diamond hand of course is also a masterpiece, but in its genre. And here .. you will agree, there is no Soviet Union, no ideology, and the film looks, no matter what the details (I'm talking about reading the newspaper).
inappropriate Your sports terminology. In this movie, a really good cast. A direction? And the camera work? And the music? They deserve each other and together, and only together they have something happen. This work is invisible, and it is good. Of course, if you are used to consume modern digital kinomusor, another word is not found, this invisibility and you did not like.

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