When i said hello and goodbye to my best friend Essay

One thing in my life I came to love the most more than anything was my first puppy. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. It was a snowy Saturday morning and as I was walking into the kitchen I heard my dad say “Guys come here and look at this puppy!” When I heard those words I ran as fast as I could while my family gathered around the TV everyone was in awe next thing I knew my parents asked my sister and I if we wanted to go look at dogs down at the animal shelter. When we got into the car and drove down to the shelter I was so excited, it felt as if my heart was going to explode, walking into the shelter I saw so many dogs, but then as I was looking around my eye caught the one that had been on TV when I saw the dog I knew that we needed to take it home. On the way home I remember discussing what the dog's name should be we eventually landed on Patch. My expectation of taking care of a puppy was way different than I expected, even though it was hard it was fun at the same time. As time passed Patch and I were always together he would ride in the car with me to school, sports practices, and he would even come to my games. Every time I looked down he was always next to me. Patch was the kind of dog who loved everyone and was the one dog who would cheer you up if you were having a bad day. I remember when I was home alone, and Patch had been acting very weird and next thing I knew he got sick I just figured that he wasn't feeling good and I thought that he would feel better the next day. As the next day rolled around, he had gotten even more sick, I still thought nothing of it, but as it continued to happen, I got worried. After four days of him getting sick and eating and drinking very little, my parents took him to the vet. I remember looking out the window waiting for them to come home it felt like they were gone forever. I eventually picked up the phone and call my mom and asked if he was okay, the next thing she said to me scared me to death

“We'll talk when we get home.”

As soon as they got home, I asked what was wrong, and my parents sat everyone down and said

“The doctor took an X-ray and they found a big lump on his spleen and he's going in on Monday to have surgery.”

Dad told us that

“They said its most likely a tumor and if it's benign they will just drain it and he'll be fine but if it isn't, he won't have much longer to live since it will have spread.”

I remember feeling like the room was closing on me and thinking about what if, why, what happens next. When Monday rolled around, I was getting ready for school, but all I could think about was Patch and if he would be okay. As I was sitting in class around 1:15 my mom texted me and said that “He was ok it wasn't a tumor and that his stomach was just turned in a weird way.”

All I could think about then was that he was okay and it wasn't a tumor and that he would be back to his normal self in a few days. When I got home, I sat by his side for the rest of the night and never left him alone. A few days after his surgery, he wasn't eating at all. I thought that it was just because of the surgery. Soon a few days turned into a week, then I knew that something wasn't right. My mom and I started to hand feed him because at that point he was starting to lose weight and started getting really sick. We then found out that he had a disease called dysautonomia and that there was no cure for it. Some dogs can recover after a few months of aggressive treatment, but it was very uncommon. I remember my family and I were coming home from my softball tournament, and my mom said",

“We can't do this anymore to Patch he's suffering and it's not fair to do this to him.”

Dad said",

“Let's just see how tonight and tomorrow morning goes.”

It was around 8:30 in the morning, and my dad came into my room and said",

“It’s time do you want to stay or come?”

As I started to get ready, I kept telling myself

“This isn't happening it's just a dream, but it wasn't.”

I remember sitting right next him in the car and it had felt like the longest car ride ever. When we got to the vet my dad went to check in, and then came out to get us. As we were sitting in the room waiting for the vet to come in everyone was in tears. I knew that I only had a few moments left with Patch. I remember holding on to his paw and not wanting to let go. I just kept thinking about all the memories that he had together. A few minutes before he was about to pass we got up and left as I was walking out of the room I looked back at him and as I was looking back I saw him look back at me at that point I knew I needed to leave because the temptation for me to run back in and give him one last hug was high I knew that it was best if I just left.

After a month of his passing It still felt like a dream, I was still having a hard time accepting that he was gone, but I still remember the one quote that I kept telling myself “You may be gone from my sight but...But you are never gone from my heart”-Winnie The Pooh.

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