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For Scouts, earning the Eagle Scout Award feels like the satisfying end to an extended journey.

Whatever they quickly discover, though, is that the journey has simply started. Simply ask Ryan Eberle, an Eagle Scout from Oaklade, Pa., who obtained the honor 2 yrs ago this thirty days.

Earning Scouting’s highest honor, he writes, made him a “marked man” — in a great way. As the name has brought along with it connections and connections howevern’t have gotten without Scouting — specifically, an impressive premium summer internship within head office of an important power business near Pittsburgh.

I hear most of these tales all the time. Some big-wig finds out the young man he’s speaking with is an Eagle Scout, and immediately all obstacles between your child and outstanding opportunity are eliminated.

Ryan’s tale follows that pattern, but it starts long before his sweet gig. For the total effect, best you read Ryan’s essay, called “exactly what Scouting can perform For You.”

If you or someone you realize concerns Scouting’s value, you won’t after reading Ryan’s essay after the jump:

What Scouting Can Do For You

By: Ryan Eberle

On Jan. 10, 2011, I passed my Eagle Scout Board of Review. It surely felt as if a giant weight had been lifted off my shoulders after moving my board, but within my Eagle Court of Honor I nevertheless questioned if an Eagle was certainly a “marked man.” Never ever would I have expected what was ahead the following 12 months at Eagle Scout Recognition supper for Laurel Highlands Council.

Before we continue my tale i'd like to tell you only a little background details about myself. My academic experience was a good foundation for learning and networking. And the classes I learned the most in weren't always the core English or mathematics classes. Particular elective classes or single-semester classes, such as for example writing, presenting and public speaking, company administration, engineering design, computer courses and profession planning had been all exceptionally helpful. Although I happened to be not involved in any college recreations, I knew I wanted to keep myself busy and tangled up in school.

High school had been my big possiblity to do get my name available to you and prove to people that I have outstanding work ethic. During high school I became tangled up in marching musical organization, Future company management of America and tech Student Association. These extracurricular activities are just as crucial as class product simply because they better prepare pupils for the future by providing them real-world jobs.

Outside of college I have a loving family, a small farm to take care of, my part-time gardening company also Scouting. I think, family members is in which it all begins. I was exceedingly fortunate to possess such wonderful parents that have supported and directed me personally through everything (they nevertheless do).

Since 2nd grade i have already been involved with Scouting. The very first project I remember doing as a Cub Scout ended up being building a birdhouse, that will be fitting because for my Eagle Project I built 30 bluebird houses for McDonald Sportsman’s Club.

As a Cub Scout i acquired my feel for the outside and took part in multiple industry trips and campouts. In 5th grade We became a Boy Scout in Troop 248. Throughout my Scouting profession I discovered not only about camping and how to survive within the out-of-doors, but I also learned lots of necessary life abilities.

During Boy Scouts I took on numerous leadership functions and gradually became more taking part in my troop. With those functions comes a great responsibility. Once you become involved and also obligation, it is your decision how you want individuals recognize you. You will be the leader whom simply points hands and gives requests, or you can be the leader whom teaches other people how to do their work, is included, is supportive and provides rewards when it's appropriate to take action. It might be hard to do, but a genuine leader places others before himself.

Now back once again to my tale… After becoming an Eagle Scout, I was invited to the council’s Eagle Scout Recognition Dinner. Prior to the supper I had to fill out a questionnaire describing my participation in Scouts also a profession I happened to be enthusiastic about pursuing. For the past six years i've been enthusiastic about natural-resource exploration with a focus on the Marcellus Shale gas formation. I presented my page mentioning that I was interested in pursuing petroleum and natural gas engineering also getting my MBA.

About two weeks later on I received a page in mail saying that my sponsor for the night would definitely be Mr. J. Brett Harvey, CEO of Consol Energy. I could maybe not think it! I had a good opportunity in front of me personally and I also decided to make the most of it. When I first came across Mr. Harvey, one of the first things he said had been “if you are searching for a summer work please e-mail me personally your resume and reveal what you are interested in.” He handed me personally their business card.

Throughout the recognition supper, I did not sit directly alongside Mr. Harvey, but used to do stay next to two Scout professionals therefore the president at Allegheny Ludlum [a specialty metals company]. Also, through that evening, Mr. Harvey ended up being recognized for Consol’s support and good contributions to simply help build a bridge during the Summit. This bridge ended up being a necessity to transport people and gear throughout the National Scout Jamboree on Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Later on that night we approached Mr. Harvey to state thanks and goodbye, but before I happened to be able to get a term out, he said: “we understand we now have not had considerable time to talk tonite. How about visiting my workplace during the CNX Center in Southpointe [pictured above] and we can talk?”Again, I possibly could not believe the things I just heard, and I immediately accepted his offer.

About a month later on I was sitting in Mr. Harvey’s workplace at Consol Energy headquarters in Southpointe, Pa. I never thought i might be sitting next to the CEO of a major business during the age of 17 and holding on an ordinary discussion. But that is what Scouting can do available.

Every one of the hard work, long hours and leadership training paid down and granted me personally a seat next to Mr. Harvey. Exactly like my Scoutmaster, Mr. Thomas Taylor said, an Eagle Scout is a marked man. Perhaps the engineers and company executives have been never ever part of Scouting recognize Eagle Scouts. They understand there is certainly an account or something like that unique about this person which sets them apart from the other 96 per cent of males in U.S.

All Scouts are hard workers, innovators and leaders, and the ones who achieve the ranking of Eagle Scout best represent what this means to be in Scouting.

Basically could offer advice to virtually any Scout, it will be for him in order to complete through and attain the rank of Eagle. Becoming an Eagle Scout means significantly more than getting a fancy medal. Becoming an Eagle is all about meeting new people and effectively making use of all of the resources open to you to be able to complete a job. You'll be looked very upon by many: your Scout troop, college teachers and employers. They are all wondering why you're a cut above the rest and what you can do for them.

Therefore after about one hour of conversing with Mr. Harvey in his office, I asked him if it might be easy for me personally doing an internship with Consol. I remembered what he stated the night of our supper and I knew it would be an excellent possibility to acquire some work experience in before going to university.

Before I could also complete my question, Mr. Harvey stated: “Yes, there is a great possibility we're able to enable you to get a summer internship at Consol as soon as you turn 18. Just be sure you deliver your résumé to us, and we will get back to you.”

Appropriate then, I went along to my folder and pulled out the résumé. A Scout is always prepared. I handed it to Mr. Harvey, in which he said he will really place my résumé in folder become evaluated by recruiting.

At the time we felt I'd a pretty good chance of getting a summer time position. I at the very least knew my résumé will be viewed. Most of my contact information had been on the website and education and previous work experience. Mr. Harvey liked the concept that we ran my personal gardening company quietly and took care of the family members farm. He said that right there he knew I had a strong work ethic which I was used to manual work. My education and Scouting history proved to him that I became responsible and would make good frontrunner.

We thanked Mr. Harvey for their some time left their workplace with a firm handshake.

2-3 weeks after my go to with Mr. Harvey I got a call from recruiting, in addition they asked me a few questions regarding what I had been enthusiastic about for an internship. They stated i ought to hear back from them in few weeks. Sure enough, two to three weeks later on we received an email with my joboffer. We accepted and began my compensated summer time internship with Consol Energy on June 24.

Since I have began with Consol, i've checked out two gasoline fine rigs, one hydraulic fracturing task and two coal mines — with workplace work spread among. It has been an awesome learning experience and I cannot wait to see what I reach do next summer. Also, Mr. Harvey sponsored four people from my troop to go to the 2013 nationwide Jamboree down on Summit Bechtel Reserve. Mr. Harvey was a Life Scout, in which he enjoys offering back into the Scouting company whenever you can. We realize i've been blessed with a good opportunity and I also look forward to assisting other Scouts just like me develop their professions. I have the Boy Scouts of America and Consol Energy to thank because of this wonderful possibility and good fortune.

It’s this that Scouting may do for you.

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