"What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

I love movies in which the scene of a small quiet town, where there is no fuss, no faceless skyscrapers of glass and concrete, there is no crowd noise and traffic jams. The film tells the story of this place, where there is no high-profile events, and everyone knows each other, to the fore usually leaves no plot, no story without any visual effects, and human relations in its purest form. The rhythm of the narrative and the palpable proximity of nature allow untroubled gaze to look at pictures of the characters, to feel the character and personality of each of them. It was in this atmosphere of the film takes place 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?', which allows the director fully reveal character images
'Regular Guy' -. Only this definition and suitable Gilbert Grape. Indeed, in his life, it would seem, it is no surprise, bright and prominent. Dull job in a shop, the endless troubles with his brother and a disabled mother, who after the death of her husband came to the state in which barely can move. Heavy family situation has become commonplace for Gilbert, and only through the inner kindness, hard work and patience he goes every day to devote themselves to the care of relatives, completely forgetting about their own dreams and desires. Even relations with a married woman, looking for new experiences, do not arouse in him any feelings and look far-fetched and ridiculous. It was only with the advent of Becky in the life of the protagonist appear bright feelings and emotions. Only she was able to open it until the end, only to find her face what he so long lacked -. Support and understanding
The more while watching the audience learns that 'regular guy', the more imbued with sympathy for him. Because only the one who does everything for others and reproaches himself for each committed a mistake, he may wish to "be a good person ', is already being such. And this unquenchable thirst for self-improvement is the spectator, and sympathy, and respect. Even the controversial act, which Gilbert decided in the final, it seems correct. 'I do not want to laugh at her' - he says, not forgetting the mother's feelings, and maintaining respect for her even after her death
I think not mistaken if I say that Johnny. Depp will give odds to any other actor in the number of bright and unusual roles played by them. He's always different. Quirky and eccentric in the 'Pirates of the Caribbean', intelligent and refined in the 'Oz', a sad and timid in the 'Edward Scissorhands', impulsive, and strange in the film 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' and so on. In other words, the versatility of its acting talent indescribable. Here he got the role of a man who has no bright and conspicuous traits and appearance. But talent has talent. Gilbert Grape, despite its seemingly 'normal' in the incarnation of Johnny Depp is a bright, interesting and deep character.
I can not devote a separate paragraph to his admiration of the game Leonardo DiCaprio. Yes, he has a strong role in the well-known films. He, for example, really like me 'Departed' and 'Catch Me If You Can' . But the role of Arnie, be honest, was for me a revelation. Sitting down for viewing, I did not expect from the 19-year-old DiCaprio such a brilliant game. I can not judge, it is easier or harder to play mentally or physically handicapped people. On the one hand, the character immediately remember and stands out because he is not like everyone else. On the other, the actor needed full commitment to achieve maximum credibility. But the fact remains that such a role does not go unnoticed and always resonate in the hearts and minds of the audience and critics. It and Tom Hanks in the 'Forrest Gump', and Sean Penn in the drama 'I - Sam', and Dustin Hoffman in the 'Rain Man' and James McAvoy in the film 'Inside I'm dancing' . All of these actors and the images created by them impressed me and remembered with unique sign 'plus'. I think Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnie Grape unconditionally worthy of a place in this series. Facial expressions, gestures, attitudes, emotions of the young Leonardo delighted me. Live, this is a genuine and compassionate hero.
very good, albeit a sad film with a wonderful music, a relaxed atmosphere and measured the brilliant acting. The film is about the good, the eternal, bright, fair and forgive the cliche, very life.
9 out of 10

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