"What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

The trouble does not come alone, and Gilbert, there were as many as seven.
His mother, who did not leave the house for many years, and that for both cheeks eats everything only you can find them in the boondocks.
His brother, who suffers from Down's syndrome, which behaves disgracefully, does not listen and always naughty, he could die at any time, which, of course, can not disturb Gilbert.
his silly sisters, of which he was so "love" tells, in particular about the youngest.
his father, who hanged himself in the basement, and now is afraid to Zach Gilbert dit.
Married Madame without giving passage to all the same Gilbert and her husband pristavuchy.
Yes, and with the work he is not all right, competitors come with incredible speed, and look to crush the small shop where it works.
As you see heap of problems in the Gilbert and a small bag . But suddenly, like a fairy tale door creaked, and in their small town has welcomed the guest, of course, Gilbert to his ears in love with her. But here's the problem, traveling - her passion, and soon it was time to leave. Suddenly, the truth ?!
word Gilbert - the universal mother for all at once, no rest guy. And it's trying hard to emphasize how unlucky guy in your life, and what he is poor, very unfortunate, but the fate of the villain, so ignoble cost him.
I'll start with the «heavenly love" < / i> Gilbert and Becky! Where's she? I love there and does not smell, rather friendly relations between a man, who for the second time in my life sees a woman, not including his sisters, and a woman whose personal life is not safe. Where at least some feelings, emotions, relationships? Where this is the love, I did not feel I had not seen it, I think he was more attracted to that lady married with two kids.
By the way, now the I knew where Kristen Stewart took the chip with an open mouth, Depp it is virtually closed, and with long hair, he looked more like a Sleeping beauty by Charles Perrault. Sluggish and supine, waiting is not clear that in life, the character was boring beyond belief . Well, Depp can not play "normal" people, best picture, where he played an ordinary man, was "Finding Neverland", the rest is just a faded. So let transforms into insane clowns with their inherent attributes.
Leonardo DiCaprio played well, but before the Oscar nominations, there, oh how far. Nomination excessive love I motivate academics to give prizes to films about mental retarded people. Recall at least be Forrest Gump, Rain Man, or The Awakening I - Sam. But this film is not nearly slumped to these works.
the main female role went to Peter Pan . Juliette Lewis have no hint of a figure or her presence. She was trying to look sexy, what about the time when she tried to pull Arnie into the water, but came out the other way around. To her category I would have carried Winona Ryder and Audrey Tautou, they also have differences between top and bottom, back and before the afternoon with fire will not find. Keira Knightley is not credited to him as it is good and without figures. Yes, and acting skills Juliette Lewis does not shine, felted big fish, it is not replayed and does not finish the game, everything went like a shadow.
A decent soundtrack in the film is also missing. As well as impressive views of the nature or the town. The plot of marking in one place, nothing new or ordinary show director failed. Boredom, boredom, boredom and pathetic attempts to pressure . on the viewer, showing how all the same Gilbert is good, but deprived Actually Lasse Hallström - amateur remove tearful melodrama about anything, which alone is worth it Hachiko: the most loyal friend or Dear John . This film is also no different from his previous works. Very soplivenko and slezlivenko.
And the end so all killed on the spot! It turns out that it was his mother's fault for all troubles, and the main thing is that he could not get out of town. And after her death, he can go wherever you want the eye. So what? As a result, we gradually moved on to the subject of freedom. Because now he is free as a bird. But free from what, or rather from whom? Because nothing has changed and he is again like a lost child standing on the road, repeating like a wound: "I am free, free!" He just could not hang on. His character is not given, it will always be something to keep in one place, not allowing the passage of something new. And to blame himself, not someone else.
film did not like. Boring and useless does not lead.

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