"What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

- Tell me, what do you want? Only fast
-. I want my mother to go to aerobics classes, to Arnie, new brains to sister grew up ...
- What do you want for yourself, Gilbert
-? I do not know ...
it is not strange, this picture, for unknown reasons, I was not the most popular in the filmography of, dare I say it, great actors like Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio . Maybe this phenomenon can be explained from the position that at the time of filming, back in 1993, were both novice actors. Johnny Depp has already received recognition in the film Tim Burton's "Edward Scissorhands" and still very young Leonardo DiCaprio even could not think that will be one of the greatest actors in the world. One and perhaps the most shrill movie two geniuses of modern cinema under the name of philosophy, the question 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape?'
Gilbert Grape - the eldest of four children, single women who put on weight after her husband's death to immense size and has lost the opportunity to even walk without assistance. In addition to his mother, who for days sitting on the couch watching TV and something to chew, Gilbert grow two sisters, one teenage girl with a very peculiar character, and brother Arnie, who suffers from dementia. Gilbert's whole life - is a series of concerns about the members of his family, rare interviews with friends and meeting with a married woman, he does not like. He is lonely and suffering from acute need for self-actualization guy. But, alas, he was constantly have to take care of someone, to solve someone's problem, and time for their dreams it simply does not. Of a young man who must love and look for themselves in life, he became a head of the family, the father for the sisters and a brother. Special inconvenience delivers Arnie, who could become an assistant elder brother, but nature has played with it a cruel joke too.
we were shown a week in the life of a simple guy named Gilbert Grape, and this week its relation to the world around them changes completely . Only a week to understand the common man, such as we are, with their problems, worries, with their pain. Only a week, to answer the question - what is really Eating Gilbert Grape
The film is simple and easy, which is typical for the drum. As a rule, in this genre prefer simple stories with which perhaps the best way to reveal the characters can be characters. The first part of the film is devoted to acquaintance with Gilbert and his family. At the very beginning it becomes clear how much it means to him brother Arnie, whom he loves because he is his brother, and at the same time hated for what he is; for the fact that he seems to be his main problem. Next we meet the mother of Gilbert, which was once the most beautiful woman in town, and now for years did not leave the house. And the more deepens in his life, the more you realize how hard this guy has to. Perhaps his main problem is that he is too good son and brother. He often forgets himself and lives of their loved ones needs, fulfilling your duty as a true knight.
film is much deeper than it may seem at first glance. This film is not about the problems of the tortured life of Man. This is the story of millions of families in which there are problems. This misunderstanding and shame for their parents, but it is infinite love for them, because whatever they were, they were our parents. This immense fatigue of a sick child in the family, but also a sincere sympathy for him, because he is not guilty, that he was born that way. Although at times it seemed that even the imbecile Arnie understand what is happening in his life. This problem of self-realization, faced by all young people at some stage of their lives. The only difference Perhaps someone they have, and someone like Gilbert lives in a small forgotten town and can not leave because of his family.
Spiritual and smooth narration, and perfectly complements the picture of America's early 90s years. Hallstrom managed to create a unique atmosphere in which to dive with the first frame. It is difficult to estimate the camera work and sound, but one thing is certain - for the 90s very worthy
And of course a special ballast magic of this film are wonderful actors who played the main role.. Johnny Depp as Gilbert looked perfect. Despite the fact that he had only a few powerful scenes, he showed the game shop. In his view, by the movements, it is clear on the facial expressions that Gilbert transcendent experiences fatigue. He is angry with their loved ones, but at the same time does not cease to love them for what they are. Absolutely brilliant game showed Leonardo DiCaprio, which is essentially still a child, but played just delicious. From the beginning of the movie until the last frame can not help feeling that he was really sick, but despite all the antics Arnie, he himself suffers from his condition. In a duet with Depp, he looked brilliant. Despite the total absence of external similarity, they looked like a family. Probably the first time I met such a harmonious duet in the movie. Arnie affection in Gilbert felt very strongly, and the scene where Gilbert anxiously pressed brother to his heart ached. This is brilliant!
film 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape' should, in my opinion, to see each son and each brother, and indeed everyone. Gilbert - ideal man, who does not want anything for yourself, dreams only of that loved ones were healthy and happy. And this is the true love of his family, because it is nothing more.
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