"What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

On this film I learned while still a teenager, just at a time when all the girls over 10 years old were going crazy by Leonardo DiCaprio in the wake of his great popularity after the "Titanic." Diaries, notebooks, pencil cases with the image of the beloved Leo (in my opinion, was even chewing gum with inserts, stickers with the image frames of the "Titanic"), revised many times pirated videotapes memorized song Celine Dion «My Heart Will Go On» ...
Because, like the heroes of the film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" I lived in a small town to get there with the videotape is not very well-known and very popular films was unreal. On the television went on all three channels, and had to watch those movies that was shown on Friday and over the weekend after the evening news at night. My parents are not really watching what I'm looking, and allowed to sit in front of the TV late at night, when everything is already asleep. It was so began my introduction to world cinema. Quite often on TV came across good movies (I must pay tribute to the directors of the main TV channels) that long left a mark in my heart. However, "Gilbert Grape" was not among them. For many years, my desire to see this movie was an impossible dream.
wonder how would have changed in that time my attitude towards Leonardo DiCaprio, if I saw him in the role of Arnie? I remember how a few years after the release of "Titanic", I looked up "Total Eclipse", and feeling that I experienced for the film and its protagonists (including DiCaprio as Arthur Rimbaud), was close to disgust. DiCaprio's reputation was slightly warped. And yet, of all the films featuring DiCaprio, who I could see at the time ( "Romeo + Juliet", "The Man in the Iron Mask," "The Quick and the Dead"), remember this one. Such is the power of the cinema. This is precisely the difference between serious cinema movie experience "at the time", which are forgotten after a while, after watching and completely erased from memory a few years later, someone better or filmed, even if it is he Leonardo DiCaprio.
Well, it was the entry. And now just for the film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." I think if I would have watched it about 15 years ago, he remembered me as well, as "Titanic" and "Total Eclipse" (in contrast to the above-mentioned films featuring DiCaprio, the plot and the events which by now almost completely erased from memory) . This is already quite an old film, to which I finally reached, carrying out his dream, he became a pleasant surprise for me, even though at first I was quite skeptical configured
About the film is simple and nezateyliv:. Man named Gilbert lives in a small, run-down American town of Endor. The guy has a hard time: he hanged his father, leaving a legacy of dilapidated house; mother became depressed and grown fat to the immense size; his two sisters, from which little confused, and half-witted brother, who all predicted to die in 10 years, and he lived happily until 18. The guy works hard, trying to feed his little family and unlucky not to completely collapse the house. Plus, he always has to look after his little brother abnormal, that and strive to climb to where he should not, and to hide from her husband's mistress, which is much older than him. The guy wants to be a good person, but it can not help but think about how it would be nice to blame the hated of his little town, doing away with the whole once and for all, as it has already made its big brother. One day, not far from their town is stuck with a trailer traveling around the country girl named Becky and her grandmother. Gilbert and Becky found, and between friendships.
If you love good movies, but the story of this painting is presented to you dull and not particularly interesting, do not rush her to discard but worth a visit! Why? Let me explain.
First of all, I was pleasantly surprised the cast. Firstly, it is still young Johnny Depp, who played here is very uncharacteristic for themselves and quite a serious role - the role of Gilbert. Secondly, it is Juliette Lewis, Becky, I really like the films Tarantino's "From Dusk Till Dawn" and "Natural Born Killers". And, thirdly, it is, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Arnie . So get used to the role of 18-year-old boy who got stuck in the age of four years, not given to everyone! If I did not know what it is "the same Leo," I would have doubted that the film starred a normal person, not a real psycho. Whatever the talking about the acting talent DiCaprio, he had no doubt, and there was most clearly manifested in his first serious work in films. Nominations for "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" for his role as Arnie proof. All the actors of the second plan, too bad coped with their roles. Especially worth mentioning actress Darlene Cates, played the mother of Gilbert. The scene when Gilbert introduces Becky with her mother - one of the most intense and at the same time the most moving in the film:
- I was not always so, - she says Becky, as if apologizing
- I was not always so, - corresponds to that
Secondly, the film is worth seeing because now is a movie almost did not take off (at least in Hollywood).. Well to tell a simple story in which there is no action and that requires no newfangled special effects - I'm afraid, modern directors simply forgotten how to do it. What is now the main thing in the film? Entangled plot without giving the viewer no respite, and a huge number of computer special effects to satisfy ever more picky consumer film products. Actor's game is not so important, and many, even the good, the actors are working at half strength. And the characters the majority of films are such that, as they are played, will still look flat and unnatural, like a clockwork doll. That's why I love old movies, like "Gilbert Grape" - their sincerity, seeming simplicity and living characters who do not set goals to destroy or save the world and just live their lives
Third, in the film. sounds great music Alan Parker and Bjorn Isfelta.
in-chotvortyh, I want to note the qualitative Cinematography, in the film a lot of beautiful scenery and interesting angles.
B- Fifthly, the picture is riddled with subtle unobtrusive humor .
Sixth, it is somewhat surprising final, when at the end there is not something that all went. Well, not exactly.
And finally, the film teaches responsibility and instills the belief that good that we bring into this world, sooner or later, will be rewarded. Perhaps this is the most important thing in the film.
10 of 10

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