"What's Eating Gilbert Grape?" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Remember novel Chingiz Aitmatov "The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years», where a small Buran stop becomes the focus of the whole world? «Trains in these parts went from East to West and from West to East» ... In the movie "What's Eating Gilbert Grape" subtly noticed this discrepancy geographical and personal space when it seems that the center of the world is out there, but in fact - it's here. And here in the tiny town of Endora once a year passes column trailers, recalling that on the horizon, far away, it takes real life, but here - just rundown sleepy backwater. Nevertheless, it is in Endor takes place the most important thing in the life of Gilbert Grape - here crystallizes his beautiful soul, but tell him about it, he would not believe
Swedish director Lasse Hallström took a great movie. - a film that is impossible not to fall in love with - a man remarkable spiritual beauty, almost perfect positive hero. In real life, these are found, but not enough of them! A simple man, but unselfish, infinitely kind, compassionate, helpful, selfless - one of the favorite images of the American cinema, who borrowed it from Russian literature of the 19th century ( «The Idiot", "The Brothers Karamazov» ). This hero will meet you in the films such as «Forrest Gump," "The Fisher King," "I, Robot", "Pay It Forward» and others. Among these characters Gilbert Grape has a place.
The two-storey wooden house on the outskirts of Endor lives Grape family: Bonnie Grape obese mother of a family; Amy and Ellen - her two daughters; as well as a hard worker and Gilbert retarded Arnie, which must be fulfilled within a week vosemnadtsat- her sons. Taking care of this difficult family lies entirely on the shoulders of Gilbert, still almost entirely a boy, and all because the father died, the elder brother left, and if not him, then who? Gilbert much trouble: he works in a grocery store are ruined, it should monitor the state of the house, and still keep an eye for Arnie, who now and then trying to get into the town water tower. Gilbert kindness is trying to please everyone around, so some people do not mind it is simply to use. Gilbert has friends: Bobby Tucker. To sit with them at the cafe - the only entertainment that young man can afford. And suddenly invades his life appeared in the village with her grandmother girl Becky, and a young man wake up thoughts about freedom. And these thoughts to Gilbert - too great a luxury, because on it the family ...
Compositionally, the film is built perfectly, the form and content complement each other, there is not a single superfluous details, no accidental gesture or look, every detail is the general idea
At first glance, the film is very simple, but this apparent simplicity shows the highest skill of the creative team, working on a painting, there is much more said between the words than the words themselves. And the camera work is great - the space of the film is full of light and spacious, creating a clean, Salinger mood. But the main thing, of course, a tremendous actor's game. Play all wonderful, but the picture is kept on the three artists: this is Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Darlene Cates
Johnny Depp in the role of Gilbert so expressive facial expressions, that his face is seen all that his character lives, thinks about. to aspire to. Says not a word about it out, but from the beginning to the end of the picture it is clear that this idea does not give him no rest, and he does not allow her to command him, because he loves his family, although very weary of it, and sometimes even ashamed. Gilbert - man plain and simple, he is doing his job, he had no time to admire the sunset, he had no time even to think about yourself. When Becky asks him about what he wants, he wants all different to others, but forget about yourself
-. I want something new. House. I want a new home for his family. I want my mother started going to aerobics classes. I want Helen grew up. I want to have Arnie appeared new brains. I want ...
- What do you want for yourself? Personally, for myself
-. I want to become a good person. But I can not, I can not.

Amazing dialogue! In it lies a great deal: the very perception of the world Gilbert, who does not live isolated life, like other people - he can not himself be separated from them, that the Christian way is interpreted as a lack of self, the deepest of human sin - sin, with which a person is born into this world . A man who overcame the self, approaching sainthood. And the fact that Gilbert does not see well, only emphasizes this.
Johnny Depp played great role, but DiCaprio played a mentally retarded Arnie fantastic. Despite the fact that Arnie is about to turn eighteen, he looks at the performance of DiCaprio thirteen, and his mind is stuck at the level of 3-4 years. The actor created a memorable image of the teenager, using a variety of strokes characteristic of the disease: all kinds of antics, convulsive movements of the fingers, antics - and never for a moment lost credibility. Arnie in his performance - helpless and trusting, but mischievous fool, with sharp mood swings, who lives in a strange world, and for others in dire need of protection of his elder brother. The moment Gilbert's return after their spat played particularly amazing - Arnie same as always, only in the eyes and moves a little more wary, as if the question: "Brother, I can trust you»
Darlene Cates was not until this film actress, is she? She played herself (but played!) - sprawling wide, 230-pound carcass, barely able to move around the house. "Have you ever seen on television a beached whale? That's her. This is my mom, "- bitterly says of her Becky Gilbert. All see the heroine Cates fairground freak, and no one notices lurking in her soul suffering and love for children. The scenes with his mother in the Gilbert area, and when she climbs the stairs -. The most powerful, almost on a par with the final
By the force of emotional impact on the viewer, the depth of thought and feeling, to the wonderful, long time keeps aftertaste, the film "What's Eating Gilbert Grape "comparable to such dramas as" Magnolia "and" The fisher King ". But what to say? This is the best picture that I've seen over the last year, and she loved me from the first frame. This film makes rethink their own relationships with family and friends, and this will agree, is important. What a pity that in modern Russian cinema is not a hero, Gilbert Grape, he gave us a must. Incredible movie, and, of course, he became an unprecedented success for the actors, who were able to so fully, so deeply realize their talents.

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