What Nursing Means To Me Essay

To me nursing isn’t just simply working in a hospital, it’s about the care, compassion and respect you provide, not to just the patients but to their family and to your coworkers. I am highly interested in taking nursing, fully knowing the difficulties that come with the job, after my work experience it has not discouraged me, but only inspired me more. With nursing being a highly respected job and one of the most trusted professions in the healthcare sector.

I believe that nursing does not only require an elevated level of skill and knowledge but a perseverance and hard working attitude. My previous work experiences took place at New Cross Hospital, in Wolverhampton, where I had shadowed different roles in Ward C41, that specializes in Gastroenterology patients. The clinical experience has shown me the demands of the job and how dedicated the nurses really are, as I spent most of my time in the day clinic.My most recent placement was in the same hospital but in the Cardiothoracic ward.

This was different and had given me a valuable perspective on the work environment, as it was in a nurse-led clinic. I worked closely with the nurses and the patients and saw a variety of open chest wounds and chest drains. During my time thereI was able to work and interact closely with the patients, which was one of the aspects I enjoyed the most.After doing work experience, fully know that this career won’t be easy, I have no doubt, but I am confident that I will work hard.Lessons I take

The subjects I have chosen were biology which I excel in the most, chemistry and maths. Sixth form prefect Such difficult subjects do not allow for much social time and sleep, but when I’m not in a lesson, every week I participate in a year 7 reading club, where I read with students who didn’t have a strong foundation in reading, and I also tutor year 7 students in basic maths. During the winter I had volunteered after school in a British heart foundation shop for half a year where I was working with all ages of people from different backgrounds. Currently, I signed up to participate in a new programme, that Compton care is doing, where we help the patients to make a playlist to help them reminisce about their happiest moments as therapy.

During my Duke of Edinburgh expedition, I was able to work in a group and demonstrate leadership and management which I believe are valuable traits for the workplace. Though it was a difficult and long journey, I learnt that through perseverance and communication with my group we were able to succeed. During the summer of 2016, I took part in NCS, which was a great opportunity to meet more people After taking part and stepping out of my comfort zone, I believe that it has made me the person who I am today, a more confident me.

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