What Makes A Place Happy? Essay

There are many factors which make up a happy place or a successful community, a successful community has resident attachment and resident satisfaction. These components heavily rely on many aspects like safety, education, acceptance and freedom, goods and services and opportunities. Although these are all key to achieving a contented living these are all turned into three main categories which are openness and safety, aesthetics and the environment, and lastly social and educational offerings and opportunities.

The first category that is prevalent for a happy place is openness and safety these are important because it is a true fact that people would rather like to live in a place which is safe and accepts them than a country or community that is unsafe and unaccepting or hateful. A prime example of this can be seen by the refugees that are fleeing their homes in the Middle East because of life-threatening dangers and war.

Another example is the persecution of minorities in Pakistan as it is seen that it is number 7 in the entire world concerning emigration, my own parents have described leaving their motherland Pakistan as asylum seekers immigrating to Canada in search of acceptance and a better life, which they have found they often tell me and my siblings of how they and their families are grateful to Canada and are very happy living here with liberty and freedom of speech and expression but also freedom of religion. A poll in Islamabad the capital of Pakistan shows that 27% of the country is ready to leave Pakistan and settle abroad, their poll also showed that their decision heavily relied upon the fact of continues violence and extremism in the country.

The next category is Aesthetics and environment, this includes cleanliness and a clean environment like pleasant surroundings as well as greenery. A study done by the Knight Foundation called the soul of the community study interviewed 43,000 people across 26 different communities, the analyzed answers showed that people were more inclined to public, open green spaces with trees and aesthetic beauty. Another research study in the Netherland shows that people who visited their local green spaces were more satisfied and related green spaces to feelings of happiness. This created a community satisfaction which further created happiness, the same study also reported that residents had better mental health found an attachment to neighborhood green spaces.

The last category is social and educational offerings and opportunities, this group includes educational opportunities as well as goods and services and employment, a study done by Sasaki design firm surveyed 1000 people over 6 various cities like New York, and San Francisco which showed that nearly half, 40% percent of people found that transportation was their number 1 problem creating stress which undoubtedly leads to unhappiness.

Goods and services include free health care and good quality education you can see how this affects neighborhood happiness as seen in the 5th World happiness report taken on March 20th, 2016, this report takes into account for more than 150 countries and ranks according to the well-being and happiness of countries, the top countries were Switzerland, New Zealand, the Netherland, Australia, Canada, Denmark. All of these countries had one thing in common there was a pattern of universal and free health care as well as good quality education and encouragement of opportunities. Although these countries have high taxes their citizens and residents are still happier and have a resident attachment. These factors are highly important in order to achieve a happy living and a happy place the place must have safety, openness, acceptance, freedom, Aesthetics, a good and healthy environment, education, employment, and also opportunities. These are what make a happy place as well as create happiness, attachment, and pride in their residents.

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