What Makes a Good Nurse? Experts Reveal What it Takes Essay

Nursing could be both a very demanding and highly gratifying job. But what makes an excellent nursing assistant? Like most other task, a lifetime career in medical requires a particular pair of skills. Some of these abilities may come more naturally for your requirements, when you could have the chance to learn from other people in nursing college or face to face.

Why is a truly great nurse, though, may be the capacity to bring your very best qualities to the work place and use them alongside the abilities you've got gained inside training.

We talked to your professionals — registered nurses (RNs) as well as other health care experts who usually use them — to learn the must-have skills and character characteristics for a successful job in nursing. Listed here are eight skills and qualities to consider when you think about a potential career as a nurse.

8 indications of a fantastic nurse

1. Good nurses are competent

Wendie Howland, whom works as both a nurse and a consultant, says competence is type in her career, particularly when it comes down to focusing on the fly. While character may play a big role in a nurse’s work, Howland maintains that, “once the potato chips are down, it will take second place to competence.”

Competence as a nurse includes a solid mastery of fundamental algebra for calculating doses, IV rates and requirements for patients of various sizes; an avid knowledge of sciences like physiology, biology and chemistry; and literacy for charting and communicating well with an extensive patient base.

2. Good nurses are safe

Dr. Michael Sinnott works together nurses every day in a hospital er. He shows that, along with maintaining patient security, nurses need to find out just how to protect unique safety in a hazardous work place like a hospital. “For instance, perioperative nurses must know just how to protect on their own from scalpel accidents, as these cuts may result in infections, blood-borne diseases and emotional distress. More serious accidents could need microsurgery to correct digital arteries, nerves and tendons,” he says.

3. Good nurses communicate well

Jared Heathman, a family psychiatrist, says efficient communication is key for supporting other health care professionals and for ensuring quality care for patients. “Nurses often get essential medical information through their time with clients, and their ability to filter and condense relevant information can save your self doctors time while providing history that improves patient care,” he explains.

4. Good nurses are team-oriented

Susan Mehaffey is an RN who's worked in various medical settings. In her decades of working as a nurse, she has pointed out that the capability to collaborate with peers is most important — specially when it comes to arranging. “There are a lot of vacant spaces often, so many times nurses are asked to complete overtime or switch their changes with another nursing assistant for vacations,” she elaborates.

Mehaffey has additionally seen that in a group environment like a hospital or hospital, considering other people is key. “If a nurse has senior status and it has the holidays off, that is great,” she describes. “But imagine if the brand new nursing assistant has a big family coming in the holiday and would really like time down, but the senior nursing assistant is single and [has] no family members? It's quite common the one without any family to simply take the break changes and permit usually the one with young ones to own time off.”

5. Good nurses are lifelong learners

Rheumatology care coordinator Amelia Roberts says a positive perspective on learning is an important quality for just about any good nursing assistant. Though much of your learning as an RN takes put on the task, don’t restrict your continued training opportunities to inside the workplace.

“Learning just isn't restricted to whenever you are regarding clock,” Roberts urges. “The most the things I discovered has arrived from contact with nursing journals and podcasts outside work.”

6. Good nurses are compassionate

Because nurses work so closely with patients and their own families while they deal with hard health issues, kindness and compassion are vital for a nurse to succeed in his / her profession. Start thinking about a period you or a member of family has endured a hospital stay, and you’ll quickly realize the essential role a compassionate nursing assistant can play. Nancy Brook, a nurse practitioner and career mentor, implies that compassion is a core foundation for any nurse’s profession.

7. Good nurses are assertive

Natasha Coleman is a health educator who works closely alongside nurses. She states that, while kindness and compassion are undoubtedly very important to good nurses, it may assist if nurses are somewhat bossy. When they learn how to give clear, firm instructions to those they work with, their patients may well be more prone to follow their span of care.

8. Good nurses have actually good attitudes

Nurses are usually the medical experts that patients invest probably the most time with. That is why, Lorna Johnson, nursing assistant and founder associated with Advanced Family Care Medical Group, maintains that attitude is every thing when it comes to nursing.

“The nursing occupation is a really rewarding one, though often really challenging — primarily because nurses take the frontline of care and that can set the tone and mood for healing along with their optimism, compassion, and critical reasoning abilities,” she iterates.

Have you got the makings of outstanding nurse?

given that you’ve reviewed the character faculties and abilities medical professionals have defined as necessary to a fruitful career as an RN, you may well be more convinced that could be the right career path for you personally. But it’s understandable if you’re looking a bit more information before you decide to just take the leap and start scouting nursing programs.

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