What Led Me To Choose Biology In A Level Essay

Ever since I was young I had felt a unique satisfaction when helping others and being there for those that needed it the most. As I was growing up this passion was strengthened when I started to be genuinely interested in how detailed and complicated our body was, resembling that of a machine with various systems that are able to create such a dynamic living form. However, just recently, I was influenced by my personal visualisation of medicine and the majority of my relatives, who are doctors that highlighted how selfless and vigorous their career is. Speaking to them made me aware of the challenges of a career as a doctor such as the dedicated balance between work with multiple hours of service with social and family life. Having observed the commitment and devotion that they dedicate to their roles, I am aware of and prepare to fulfil the demands and intensity of a career in medicine.

My intrigue for science led me to choose biology in A level to discover something new related to the human’s nature those being how humans react in different environments or the human body itself, which I was attracted by the diligent workings of the human body. This helped to reinforced my interest in medicine as i will not only be able to fulfil my drive to provide care to those that require it to improve their health but i will also gather more knowledge through the course.

I recognised through this the amount of effort it takes to study medicine or how prepare doctors need to be to assess different situations to find the best approach to solve them. However, this is only much more encouraging because throughout my life I have gathered an appetite to learn, be educated and enlightened as much as possible to carry my work with clarity and confidence.

During this summer, I had to travel to Spain to help my grandfather; an elder of age 83 that just had a stroma. I wanted him to be cheerful no matter the conditions he was in so by talking and empathising with him to reinforce his spirit I improved my caring, communications and confidence abilities. This made me realise of how important is to stablish a doctor-patient relationship to enhance a better care.

For 3 months, my role was to take a close look at him, helping and caring for him at all times which led me to become more observative to be able to see any modification on his behaviour. Sometimes his ankle would swell as a result of his arthritis which made it difficult for him to walk properly. In those situations, I was able to think quickly enough to stop him from doing sudden movements and give him aid immediately. Thanks to this I became aware of the need to have in mind any extra information or extern problems that could affect the patient and observe if those changes are present to evaluate them.I admit that I was surprised by how fulfilling I found it. Even though I missed social meetings, I became aware of the specific healthcare needs and challenges taking care of an elder are such as being patient and calm, giving them the time and space to talk and finish tasks. Healthcare really depends of multiple factors such as age, ethnicity and social background; every situation should be considered individually.

By choosing both chemistry and biology I developed analytical and scientific skills that helped me work logically. I was able to achieve self-motivated study skills and the capability to work under pressure and stressful environments.Learning languages (French and English) gave me the advantage to learn new communications skills that can provide doctors the ability to interact with patients and providers to be able to know how to best treat them and explain difficult subjects with transparency and honesty. Teamwork is a quite significant part of my commitment to one of my most enjoyed hobbies; sports. I recognise that a person works the best when around a team that they trust.

The motivation that I share with different people that I have played football with is always memorable and thrilling. It’s a perfect stress reliever and I very much enjoy playing football at a social level. As much as I enjoy being around others I also love working on my own, leading me to take complete responsibility of my actions in any demanding environment. I constantly read not only for entertainment but also to improve my knowledge.

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