What It Means To Be Wealthy Essay

The definition of wealth states that it is the “abundance of valuable resources or valuable material possessions” (Wikipedia). Most people associate wealth with having an excessive amount of money. If that was the only definition there was to wealth, would you be wealthy? Wealth should not be defined by tangible objects because wealth can also be defined by abstract concepts such as love and happiness. The word wealth is a noun. It derives from the old English phrases “well” and “weal”. According to the Merriam-Webster definition wealth is the “abundance of valuable material possessions or resources”. The website Dictionary.com says that wealth is “all things that have a monetary or exchange value” (Dictionary.com). These definitions show that dictionaries define wealth by money. Therefore, it would be reasonable for most people to make a connection between wealth and money. A prime example of using wealth in a sentence would be “The woman’s life consists of wealth and prosperity”. The use of the word wealthy will vary according to the situation. Sometimes it will be a noun and other times it will be an adjective.

The word wealthy is the adjective form of the word wealth. For instance, one might say “The wealthy man has a lot of money in every bank account he owns”. In another occasion, a person can say, “That woman is wealthier than me, which is why she drives an expensive car while I drive a more economic one”. The word wealthier would be a comparative adjective.

The adjective form of the word wealth can help picture the meaning of the definition of the word. Visualizing and understanding the dictionary definition of wealth is necessary to be able to differentiate the standard definition versus a personal definition.

At one point in my life, I agreed with the dictionary definitions of wealth. Nowadays, my personal definition of wealth is not in any way like the definitions provided by dictionaries. When I was younger, I strongly believed that having money was equivalent to being wealthy, which would lead to happiness. I have never acquired a large amount of money but I realized that even if I had that kind of money, or the materialistic items I wanted, I would not be a happy individual. Once I found a new perspective, I realized my friends and family are my happiness. Being surrounded by my friends and family is more valuable to me than having money. I appreciate their company and I will forever cherish the joyful memories I have made with them throughout my few years of life. I now comprehend that money will come and go, but my friends and family will always be here with me. I also think that in a few years I will not remember what I have spent my money on, but I will still have a collection of memories engraved in my brain. Therefore, I believe I am wealthy because even though I do not possess materialistic items, I do have my friends and family. If being wealthy required having a large amount of money, would you search for a different meaning to wealth?

I think we are all wealthy, but I also think that everyone starts to treasure what they have at different timings. Although the dictionary definition of wealth claims that wealth involves money, it is significant to keep in mind that words do not have one definition only and that people have diverse points of views. Wealth should not be determined based on money or financial status. There are other concepts to life such as friends, family and making unforgettable memories with them. The value of the money one has does not compare to the love and support one can receive from the people they are close to. You can have all the money in the world and not have anyone to give you company, eventually making you lonely. Wealth is the state of being surrounded by your loved ones and happiness.

Finally, wealth is a word that can be used in many ways and can describe many situations. Wealth is a word with multiple meanings to it. Nevertheless, the way one chooses to use it will have an impact on their life. It is very clear why most people instantly think of money when speaking of wealth. Personally, wealth consists of being surrounded by your loved ones.

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