The United States of America

What is the overview of America of America?

Joao Rodrigo Souza Leao, Lived in Baltimore fo 5 years. I adore geography. We inhabit my indigenous Brazil now.Updated 6w ago · Author has 220 answers and 303.2k answer viewsOriginally Answered: just what do you consider associated with the united states?

We lived for 5 years in Baltimore and following the second 12 months I became homesick as hell. I would visit Brazil three times per year. My mother said: MOVE BACK ALREADY! LOL

But we persisted and stayed a few more years in the usa. I Loved it! I definitely loved the States therefore the REALLY FAIR treatment I received from every person We interacted during those years.Despite the reasonable treatment We received I think there must certanly be a faster track for qualified individuals in which to stay the usa and finally get a green card.

But no!Bureaucracy was tremendous and after 5 years i really could not any longer restore my J-1 visa. I became told that i might require an employer to sponsor an H-1 visa. I sent applications for several jobs and never got a reply. Fundamentally we consumed my J-1 visa time limited by 5 years. During those 5 years I did my PhD research and got 2 post doctoral roles. But I wanted more. I needed to fundamentally become a citizen, possibly became an astronaut. However it never ever took place. Therefore, the fact nobody would sponsor an H-1 visa for me personally plus the proven fact that I was constantly wanting Brazil, made me personally pack my stuff and head back home.

Searching right back now I think we enjoyed my stay static in the united states, but i do believe that whenever you move away from your country, you'll often be an outsider. I thought your US would provide more attention to science and technology, but in the end I became FINGERPRINTED everytime We joined the US. Numerous Europeans and Canadians are not fingerprinted. I felt like some sort of a potential threat towards the US.Why they might fingerprint me? A person who always enjoyed the united states! I am aware the names of several presidents, essential times, wars, major disputes, and I also particularly loved the United states space system. But here I was: constantly “ramdomly” chosen become searched! Like a potential hazard! At some time it made me think. And I also had been sad. Over time We gave up! I just accepted that people would always have a look at me personally like a potential danger.

How unfortunate is the fact that for me since I had an US flag in my own room as I ended up being growing up in Brazil?I came ultimately back in 2007, almost decade ago! We vowed I would only get back to the States when they lift the VISA dependence on Brazilians. I do n't need to endure a great deal difficulty to go to a country that treats me personally like a potential danger!within the last few decade, whenever I see a shooting occur in the united states I think: My god! He has a VISA, a permit; or worse, he's an American resident. They certainly were afraid of me! however they provide VISAS to people that are actually a threat! We never ever hurt a fly! Just how unfortunate. I really could experienced the opportunity to remain….But no!

I am extremely grateful the opportunities I had in the US. But I think I deserved an improved therapy during those 5 years. I hope the united states learns how exactly to grant VISAS and green cards to people, avoiding those people who are actually a risk and valuing people who had hopes and dreams and loved the US but got endless lines and searches and endless interviews in return.Now I reside in sunny Brazil and I also understand i shall never ever go back to the US, although i really like it! I am going to go to areas and museums in Europe with my son if the time comes. We do not need VISAS to enter Europe and lots of other nations.

Just how unfortunate..I would personally like to check out America once more, but without having to be fingerprinted and searched like a criminal.simply yesterday a mentally disturbed individual transported a firearm in their luggage. His title is STEBAN SANTIAGO! Some body offered him citizenship after he served in Iraq. I was rejected also permanent residence status and alternatively I happened to be fingerprinted every time We entered the united states! exactly how unfortunate!

Good luck America!

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