What Is The Beauty Of Mathematics Essay

At this present time, there are many representations of the term “beauty,” mostly it is incorporated to objects and even to people to describe such things wherein we can see perfection within them. Also in nature that surrounds us and been a gift of God for us, we can see beauty within it. According to Paul Dirac, in creating the world God has used beautiful mathematics. And indeed it is truly a beautiful one. But this not just comprises nature, objects and people in stating that mathematics does create beauty. There are many representations that prove this statement but it is not appreciated and seen by our eyes. At some point, Fibonacci could be associated in explaining that mathematics create beauty, it is presented by Leonardo Pisano Bigollo. With such intelligence of Leonardo Pisano Bigollo the magnificence of Fibonacci he developed is now seen everywhere by everyone – in the human body, nature, arts, and architecture. On the other hand, we do not see only beauty within these aspects.

Nowadays, with the help of mathematics we are able to create such scenic creations that would please our eyes. Mathematics plays a vital role at this present time in terms of architectural designs such as houses, malls, signature attractions of a certain place and etc. We have examples of these scenic attractions with mathematical design and could be found in the different sections of the world: (a) Taj Mahal, a tourist site located in India. Within this attraction, line symmetry is presented here. (b) Tetraherdal-shaped Church, convex polyhedral (cubes and pyramids); (c) The Gherkin, parametric modeling; (d) Barcelona’s Endesa Pavillion, mathematical algorithms (e) Cube Village, geometry; Sagrada Familia Cathedral, hyperbolic paraboloid – this is a surface in which a section is parallel to one coordinate plane (hyperbola), catenary arches – this are geometric curves, magic square – this is the arrangement of numbers with equally the same numbers in each rows, column, and diagonals. With this mathematical design set within these attractions is the reason why we used to describe these beautiful one. Mathematics’ magnificence could also be incorporated to foods, specifically, baking pastries. Why? Because of measurements which is close to mathematics. In terms of proportionality of the ingredients such as color and weight, it should be an accurate measurements to be done in order to have a picturesque outcome. The beauty of mathematics can be seen in sports in its arena or field – the measurement that it requires, time, scoring, sizes of such balls. We could also determine the angle of directions upon playing a certain sports.

The beauty of mathematics is not only visible on concrete formations, it is only seen on different forms of artworks. Numbers, symbols, shapes would somehow be incorporated in arts. Perfection within an artwork is being defined by means of incorporating the Golden Ratio in doing such. For some instance, Golden Ratio is used by a prominent artist – Leonardo da Vinci in his masterpieces such as Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, and The Study of Man. It is not just Da Vinci whom used golden ratio, there are other prominent artists that also provides as an example of using golden ration, and these are: Raphael in his work The School of Athens, Salvador Dali for The Sacrament of the Last Supper. Luca Pacioli, a contemporary of Leonardo da Vinci, once said that there is no art without mathematics. Others might think that mathematics has nothing to do with arts, and I think they are wrong. But it is indeed that without mathematics there would be no art considering the vital role that mathematics could imply in terms of arts by means of golden ratio. Numbers and symbols are somehow associated with arts – measurements, alignments, brightness and contrast. Basically, the beauty that mathematics create would fall under the emergence of technology that makes it a correlation of mathematics and technology. As we go through modernization and with people’s conservatism, mathematics and aesthetics is related to each other. As we can see, renowned people that we idolize nowadays undergone such changes to make them more beautiful. Like for instance plastic surgeries, operations, transplant and other medical-related matters are examples of beauty of mathematics and aesthetic together.

The beauty of mathematics that creates is a proof that it compromises merely on the aesthetic aspects, arts, and architectures but these could only be appreciated by us, people by means of appreciating mathematics also and its implications to these aspects, not just by seeing its physical feature. As we can see mathematics had played a vital role nowadays. Just like the saying, anything that lacks with something would not have its expected result. And this concludes that without mathematics we would not have such things we called as BEAUTIFUL, we should have the guts to see things in its different perspective.

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