What Is The Australian Guide To Healthy Eating Document? Essay

The Australian guide to healthy eating is a graph that visually shows which foods represent each food group. E.g.: apple – fruits. The graph is labeled in each of the 5 food groups stating which food belongs to the group.

What barriers do Australians face when trying to follow this guide? There are many barriers for Australians to not follow this guide. One of the few reasons is time, some people have barely any time due to work, sleep, family and this will throw your food schedule off. Another reason is money. Money is a big problem and that could affect your eating habits as you need money for a house, transport, taxes then there is barely any money to afford food to meet up with the Australian guide to healthy eating guide line.

Why would these two boys at the same age need different energy requirements?

Pic A – a boy playing video games

Pic B – a boy running on a track

In pic A a boy is sitting on his bed putting all his time and effort into his video game. He is getting no sun or vitamins and by the look of it he’s getting no exercise. Weather in pic B the boy is running on a track where he’s getting sun, vitamin d and also getting a lot of exercise. The boy playing the video games will need more healthy food habits as he does not meet up with the required exercise and sun time as he is expected to.

The fast food industry are very manipulative people. They use their ads and other advertisements into tricking young people that he food is good and has no negative impacts. They also advertise the food prices which are fairly cheap and in the price range that young children preferably teenagers can maintain.

How the media influence there eating behaviors of Australians?

The media has a very big impact in the everyday life. It influences many things. The media usually sugar coats things in to making it out to be all positive. The media has many ways into advertising such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and news article websites. But not all bad things, the media can also influence healthy eating habits. High lighting the impacts a good healthy eating habit can have. So it’s safe to say the media has a big impact on the everyday lives of the 21st century.

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