Freedom of religion is a fundamental individual right that protects the conscience of most people. It allows us to consider, express and act upon that which we deeply believe. But worldwide, as well as in the usa, this freedom is eroding. Churches, spiritual companies and individuals face increasing limitations while they participate in the general public square, express their opinions or serve in culture. But there is however much good that Church users and individuals of goodwill can perform to preserve and strengthen spiritual freedom.

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Just What Religious Freedom Means

Religious freedom is a fundamental individual right and first among liberties guaranteed in full by the usa Constitution. It's the right to think, show and do something about everything you deeply think, according to the dictates of conscience. BROWSE MORE »

Why We Need Religious Freedom

Religious freedom, or freedom of conscience, is critical to your health of a diverse society. It allows different faiths and beliefs to grow. Spiritual freedom protects the legal rights of all groups and individuals, like the many vulnerable, whether spiritual or not. STUDY MORE »

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Why Religious Freedom Matters to Latter-day Saints

Because of their teachings and history, Latter-day Saints have a special commitment to religious freedom. For pretty much 200 years Latter-day Saint leaders have taught the significance of spiritual freedom for all: “We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty Jesus in line with the dictates of our very own conscience, and invite all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may.”READ MORE »

How Religion Is Key To Community

Religion has an important devote culture. To exert its positive influence, religious businesses and people need physical, social and appropriate space to apply their faith. All lawful voices should really be heard in general public square. Neither spiritual nor secular voices is silenced. Religion isn't just personal worship; it involves general public phrase on social and ethical issues. STUDY MORE »

Exactly what Religious Freedom Needs people

Spiritual freedom can be as much a responsibility as it is a right. Spiritual freedom and civility depend upon both and form a shared obligation founded in the inherent dignity of each and every individual. Religious companies and people are accountable to convey their views reasonably and respectfully. READ MORE »

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What We May Do

  • Find out about religious freedom — what it really is, how it functions while the conditions that threaten it.
  • Practice spiritual freedom — respect the religious thinking of others as well as the values and opinions of those without faith. Be civil in your conversations and interactions, both in person as well as on the Internet.
  • Join with others to advertise religious freedom — get involved with your community wherever you're feeling comfortable. Utilze the internet and social media to aid others learn about religious freedom

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