What Is RedCab And Its Features Essay

Transportation has been in existence since human origin, it has been part of our daily life style. Evolution of transportation has been modernizing right from using animals like donkey, wheels, cars, ships and flight. The evolution and technology innovation are still in progress, now we have automated cars with a lot of features. A blockchain platform called RedCab with unique features in their cars is here to put smile and comfort on its user.


REDCAB LLC is a blockchain based technology which is set to put end to all the existing transportation system. It gives lower transportation rate, flexibility, security, efficiency and incentivizes users.

REDCAB LLC was built 2016 and it’s a well reputable organization, the know all the issues facing the existing transportation system, they have provide solution to such issues via their project and also step it up with blockchain technology.


Here are some of the problems facing our current transportation system.

Transperency: Most transactions on traditional transportation system are not transparent and this result to lack of trust from parties involved.

High Cost: transportation system are are very expensive due to many factors like middle man %, maintainence fees and purchase cost.

Time Consuption: due to no p2p system and centralized system, it takes much time to contact clients or consumers directly.

No Reward: the centralized transportation system has no rewards for service and other incentivizes for its users.


REDCAB is set to make all its users feel comfortable and enjoy their services, here are some of its numerous solution:

Transperency (Decentralized): REDCAB system platform is a blockchain based platform which gives decentralized ecosystem for transparency. All transactions on it are open for transparency purposed.

The system is designed in a way that users can track the driver and his actions to know if clients are been over charge or not.

Cost efficiency: REDCAB provide lower cost in trips, which encourage more adoption to this service.

Time Efficency: REDCAB is more time efficiency compared to its peers and it takes users lesser time to start their car and ride.

Rewards an Loyalty programme. This give incentivizes to driver for dropping or picking concumers at specific locations and also for feedback.


Car Hailing and Pooling: With REDCAB you don’t you get your service almost at zero waiting time, all you need is just to order it via online.

Delivery and Pick-up organizations: make it easier in case you have sustenance and other stuff to get.

Hotel and Airport Transportation: You can outline particular treks on the off chance that you are going to motels, clubs or phenomenal employments.


  • There will be extra winning and advantage
  • More rides each hour which brings more benefit also
  • Multi choices of transportation organizations
  • Obtaining tokens through PoD (Proof-of-Driving)


Token Name: REDC

Token Type: ERC20

Exchange: 1 ETH = 2333 RED

CHard Cap: 24529 ETH

Min Purchase: 0.1 ETH = 233 REDC

Tokens distribution

9% Team and Founders

3% Advisors1

% Bounty

7% Private Sale

15% Presale

25% Reserved for Proof-Of-Driving & Proof-of-Marketing token generation.

40% Crowd-sale

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