What is Management Essay

What's Management Essay

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What is Management Essay

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  1. 1. ESSAYTOPIC: WHAT IS MANAGEMENTPREPARED BY: DARSHAN SATISH AMBHAIKARIn our day to day life we do numerous things like, shopping, savingpocket money, buying veggies etc. In every these tasks we're actuallymanaging numerous things unknowingly. Like how much money I have? Exactly what things I wantto purchase, offer priority to considerations, budgeting etc. Then during the time of actualpurchasing we come across just what the caliber of the merchandise. It's just the managementhence F.Y.Taylor defines administration as “Management may be the art of knowing just what youwant doing and then seeing that its done in best and cheapest way”.In organizations to increase the efficiency the management is usedin broader prospective. The key objective of most organizations is to make profit, likewisein our example we have to manage cash, cost, volume, quality, budget to have a goodproduct in cheapest means. Just as the businesses need certainly to handle cash,market, product, technique and guys. This might be nothing but the finance, advertising,production, operation and peoples resource departments. And it's also a manager who canmanage the management in an organization.Management is an organized purposeful activity involving planning,organizing, staffing, directing and controlling peoples efforts. It's a dynamic procedure, forexample the development of the new taxation VAT on the market, the price of the productneeds become instantly managed. It really is a systematic and interrelated procedure in other words. theproduction depends upon need, need on client in that way. It is also flexibleprocesses if need is significantly less than managers takes the choice to slower down theproduction or increases it according to market conditions.Management is much like a clutch of a car which controls all the partsof the car, like accelerator in other words. accelerate or slower down the production, Break like afinance division, controls like human resources. Which clutch is in thehands of manager who drives the organization.Management is intangible in nature means we all know it exist but itis not capable of being perceived by touch. Its a discipline like we does inside our everydaylife unknowingly.The administration is the management which assists the organizationto effective utilization of resources, and success of organizational objectives. It developsleadership characteristics and opens this new era of career. It is needed in every levels oforganization also life to direct united states towards the success.
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