What is house painting? Essay

Painting is a low-cost, quick, and effective technique to enhance the appearance of a home. This is the most basic way of adding worth to a house if it’s going to be put on the market. Having a well painted house can keep its new look without needing a lot of maintenance. House painting is not just the simplest way to make a house look good but also can help you save money, because it can give you a well protected surfaces. One important thing is that a home should make a person feel safe and comfortable, that is why painting plays a great role in our environment. Different colors and shades can make a relaxing, pleasant, or lively ambiance.

Want to give your house a new look but you’re on a tight budget and can’t afford to pay a professional painter? No need to worry, here are some important steps on how to paint the interior and exterior of your house like a pro:

Choosing paint: Paint has a variety of sheen, it can be latex or oil-based. But most people choose latex paint, because of its longevity and it’s easy to clean up. It is also fade resistant and it dries quickly. However, oil-based paint works great as priming for real wood moldings and trim because it protects the wood from stains and knots better than latex. Oil-based paint is more durable than latex but it dries longer. You also need to use turpentine or paint thinner for cleaning up.

You should also consider the sheen. Always remember that glossier the paints are easier to clean up. For areas with high traffic, like kitchen and playroom if you have kids, opt for high gloss sheen because you can easily wipe out the wall stains.

Semi-gloss which is considered as a common alternative to high gloss can also be a great fit for bathrooms and kitchen, it’s easier to wash out and it’s less shiny than. When it comes to price semi-gloss is cheaper than high gloss. If you walls has a lot of dents and dings you can use a satin sheen because it’s really great in covering up. Don’t use a glossy paint for walls with dents and dings because it will just draw more attention to it. Satin finish is more appropriate for walls with pocks, divots, and scrapes

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