What Is Holosun’s Red Dot Laser Sight? Essay

What is Holosun’s Red Dot Laser Sight?

Since the time when people invented the first weapon in the Stone Age, thousands of years have passed. During this time, human thought modernized the primitive club for hunting in a complex, high-tech gun design. Today we will talk about a new stage in the development of weapons optics such as the Red Dot Laser Sight. Hunters, soldiers, athletes, police have long and very productive but use Red Dot laser sights in their professional activities. The principle of operation of these sights is simple, and effective. The laser mark is reflected from the lens of the sight and is projected directly by the arrow. Thus, to anyone but him, this point is invisible, which is unattainable, for example, in the case of a red dot laser sight.The lenses do not give an increase, so when you aim the luminous mark on the target, the shooter can follow the target with two eyes, without losing sight of anything, i.e. the brand will not close the target itself.

This system makes firing more rapid and accurate. Anyone who is more or less familiar with weapons issues will be able to name several well-known brands of manufacturers of red dot laser sights that have proven their quality and reliability. But we would like to introduce a brand whose products can be called a technical breakthrough with all responsibility.Holosun Technologies produces unique optics of the highest quality at prices that both professionals and beginners can afford. Some red dot laser sights produced by Holosun, along with the power from a regular battery, have integrated solar cells. Using the energy of sunlight, the sight can work for 400,000 hours in the “red dot” sighting mode and 30,000 hours in a “circle with a dot” mode. In the power supply mode from the solar battery, automatic brightness adjustment of the target mark is switched on depending on the illumination of the surrounding space.Holosun uses the cleanest lenses with multilayer anti-reflective and reflective coatings in their red dot laser sights.

The lenses and the laser inside the housing are positioned in such a way that the aiming point and the point of impact do not change their position when the head position is changed arrow.Most of the products on the market use conventional light-emitting diodes with a little-noticeable bright spot, but they are not dim enough to work with night vision devices (NVVs). Holosun uses advanced LED technology, in which the amperage is calculated in microamperes. Sights have up to 12 degrees of brightness. With the minimum brightness of the red dot, the sight can work on one CR2032 battery for 200,000 hours. With an average brightness (level 6), the battery will last for 50,000 hours. Aiming mark “point” is less than 2 MOA. All Holosun sights are compatible with NVV. The distinguishing features of these sights are a hidden battery compartment, ergonomic buttons and hinged covers that allow the shooter to not be distracted by unnecessary details.

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