What Is Better: Book Or Movie Essay

Books and movies take you into a whole new world where you can let your imagination explode and explore new worlds without leaving the comfort of your house. Even though both are very different they both have a lot of similarities too, for starters, many movies are based on books, the majority of them actually, even though we do not even notice. If you are a book and movie enthusiast, then you know it is difficult to choose which is better, whether the book or the movie based in the book. For example: The Maze Runner, this is an excellent teen novel yet the movies are really good too, they are exactly how the book describes every situation, which makes it difficult to choose which is better.

Both, books and movies, have a purpose: which is to entertain the public, whether it is reading with a cup of coffee next to a window with the pouring rain, or tucked in bed with popcorn and a good movie, they make great company. Also both can educate, watching documentaries, movies about eating disorders, bullying, even a drama film can teach you something; reading books about economy, history, a certain subject or even just reading about gastronomy, but books have a special something and it is that by reading you can learn how to write properly. Both are made for people of every age, there are books and movies for children, for teens and for adults, and they have a wide range of genres. While reading a book or watching a movie, your emotions awake and you start feeling what the character is feeling, this is something that helps you understand better the book or movie because you relate to the character and the situation. Something that makes both special is that they distract you from the world, if you are having a bad day, you can just grab a book or watch a movie and instantly your mood changes and you start to feel better, because that is the power they have.

Just as they are similar, they both have their differences. For starters, books are read and movies watched. Books are written, contain more and better descriptions which transmit the feeling the author wants to share with the reader, it helps you to get more involved in the book and have a better understanding of it. For example in Garcia Marquez’s “Love in the Time of Cholera” description has an important role because without it you would not be able to understand how Florentino Ariza or Fermina Daza, the main characters, are feeling, and without that understanding the book just would not make sense to anyone. Books let you discover the style of the author and the time it belongs to, because of the way they express, the structure of the book and the style. While movies are acted and filmed, all to entertain the viewer, many filmmakers like to do book-based films, of course they are very different taking into account that the movie does not contain as much description as the book, but they have something that books do not have: soundtrack; this is something crucial in any movie because just as description in a book, soundtracks helps transmit the feeling the characters are feeling. If you are watching a scary movie, and then creepy music starts, you know it is because something scary is gonna happen, so you get scared; or while watching a drama film and something sad just happened to a character, then sad and soft music starts it helps you understand what the character is feeling.

In conclusion, books and movies are very similar, but they also vary in many ways. Even if you do not like reading, there is a movie that tells the story any book tells so you will not have to miss any of the fun.

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