What factors affect people’s perception of carcass art? Essay

Regardless of any kind of artwork (portraits, sculptures, typography, etc.), the first step in appreciating an artwork is the first impression of visual transmission. For example, in philology, viewers have different sense organ stimulation from different appearance, color, and size of the font, such as serif font and sans-serif font. Each font gives the viewer a different look. Any font has its own unique style. Some people feel modern and classical, some people feel feminine and fortitude. However, some people think that the serif font is just a way to produce a decorative foil on the text. Further to humans wear clothes, naked is the most realistic appearance of a person. Morally, humans are wearing clothes. It has become a habit of human beings. However, we can see there are a lot of artworks in naked. At the same time, some people have an incomputable dissenting opinion, and the Netizen even dresses up for the naked artwork. That makes me curious “What factors affect people's perception of carcass art?”

There are three main reasons for people feeling different in their naked artworks and dressing artworks. Firstly, gender is one of the reasons for it. Secondly, different ages people possess different knowledge and experience. Thirdly, culture makes people think about things in different directions.

This essay will discuss these three aspects of reason in detail, examine their influence, and identify how people think of the naked and dressed artwork.

Gender affects people's perception of naked art

Men and women have a different congenital mindset. A well-known popular psychologist, John Gray, pointed out in the book "Men from Mars, Women from Venus", which is analyzed the difference of the natural brain structure and thinking direction between men and women. John Gray pointed out that men and women have different natural brain structures and thinking direction. This statement was later recognized by San Francisco neuropsychologist Louann Brizendine. Due to the differences in the natural structure of the male and female brains, the differences are:

Firstly, the male is more sensitive when he is watching sometime about sex. Although naked artwork is sacred when men are watching the naked artwork inevitably, there will be unnecessary associations. For a male, the areas of the brain that deal with sex-related matters are naturally twice as large as the equivalent areas in the female brain. 85% of men between the ages of 20 to 30 are thinking of a sex-related association every 52 seconds. For a woman, the emphasis on sex will be affected by endocrine. Even so, during the most fertile ovulation period, the number of times you want to love one day is only three or four times. Based on these data, we can observe that men and women have different views on sex, and men are more curious and sensitive to sex than women. Also, art is based on the first impression. Even though men think that the first impression of looking at the art has erotic ideas, they can attract them to watch the artwork and understand the mystery of the artwork. Therefore, when watching scorpion art, men will use more sexual perspectives to watch.

Secondly, male nudes in the art are less than women. Based on the data in the first point, the male would be more sensitive in naked artwork. In the case that women are less sensitive to naked art than men, plus men's art is less than women's art. Men and women have different curious and good feelings about naked art. Eck of James Madison University has conducted research on the reaction of men and women watching nude paintings. The surveyed people are all heterosexuals under the age of 37, a total of 45 people (23 men, 22 women). The results are showed that both men and women are interested in female nude paintings. Men face masculine and nude paintings. Women face female nude paintings more compared with themselves. Faced with male nude paintings, both men and women are more "awkward". No matter how history changes, there is a variety of embarrassing relationships between elegant art and promised sensual pleasure. At least for many people, there is not much difference between nude art and pornography.

Age affects people's perception of naked art

On the one hand, parents used not to give children have excessive contact with pornography. Even if it is a famous naked art, parents will also have objections to the teacher's observation of the naked art. They mainly think that it will affect children's physical and mental development. The following is a news example from the USA. Mateo Rueda, a male teacher who teaches art at Lincoln Elementary School in the USA, recently circulated several classical oil painting postcards to the sixth graders, hoping to educate and encourage them to understand classical art paintings and human bodies. Female nude, some parents angered and complained about the school, Mateo Rueda was fired. The effect of parents and the educational system even can show in the news. Based on the fact that every child is a piece of blank paper, it is very simple to give them what they absorb, and the parents do not agree with the children to watch the pornographic art that they think in their hearts.

On the other hand, some of the teachers think children should not watch naked body art. There is a piece of news from Zhejiang News, they were analyzing that should the child "close contact" with the body art? In the news, they mention, a mathematics teacher Mr. Li, who is teaching in a China primary school clearly expressed disapproval. He believes that except for students who study art, other middle school students should not go to watch it, let alone a lot of primary school students. He believes that watching body art exhibitions should be divided into ages, just like the film implementation hierarchy. However, the organizers did not limit the "children not suitable" as the human body photography exhibition and the place where children absorb knowledge is mainly in schools and families. If the school smears the opportunity to learn nude art, children can't understand nude art normally. The social complaints are too rich, and teachers who are seeking protection teachers are also afraid of being complained, so they will not give textbooks for nude art.

In fact, children will be curious and shy because they have never seen nude art. On the contrary, adults have different experiences including watching art and sex with their partners. You can learn more about the human body structure while watching art. Most adults do not feel shy about nude art. Instead, they deliberately look for nude art to appreciate. There are also many famous works of art, such as the nude statue David, created by the famous artist Michelangelo in Florence, Italy. Therefore, children should be given the right to choose their own, so that they can maintain their curiosity. In the role of parents, they should explain to children what they are curious about more than avoiding them to learn. It is not good of evading problems, troubles, and sensitive topics. These will be made influences on children's growth and development.

Culture affects people's perception of naked art

Firstly, culture makes people think about things in different directions. There is a bit different culture in Chinese and western. In the traditional Chinese culture, after the Tang Dynasty, women should not be exposed except for the head and hands. Women’s nakedness can only be seen to her husband. Also, in Chinese paintings, there are less erotic pictures. Nowadays, Chinese clothes have been westernized, especially for young women with low-cut dresses. In the major beauty competitions, the three-point swimwear is shown by the beauty, but the nude in public is rarely seen because of the Chinese society. In addition to the Chinese tradition, the tradition of the Muslim state does not allow women to be naked. This is showing that different cultural backgrounds have different standards for whether or not the nude is obscene.

To this day, all ethnic groups in various countries have exchanged frequently in various aspects, and culture and art have influenced each other. In particular, artists in major international cities are created with modern concepts—that is, new shapes that are organized by points, lines, faces, colors, textures, etc. of purely visual elements, regardless of abstraction or figuration.

Hong Kong is a recognized international metropolis. However, Chinese-dominated residents are still deeply influenced by Chinese traditional cultural concepts. The appreciation of naked beauty is not as good as that of European and American big cities, and even behind the big cities of Taiwan and Mainland China. The Hong Kong Obscene Articles Tribunal rated the statue of David as indecent in 1994, on the grounds that the statue exposed male genitals. This review is caused strong criticism from public opinion. The Supreme Court of Hong Kong and the latter overturned the ruling, and the judge’s verdict also indicated "any sensible person will not treat David as indecent". The literary work "Love Myth" has been banned on the cover of men and women. It definitely shows that even Hong Kong people with high knowledge, people are seriously lacking in understanding Western art traditions.

Moreover, western people are more open-minded in nake and naked art. They often hold naked sports. Among them, there are large nude swimming activities in Ireland, 2500 of them are swimming naked together at the beach, and they broke the world record of the most people swimming naked together. In France, they even have a village “La Cap d Agde”, and all places (including restaurants and shopping malls), naked are legal and very common even in night time. There are 1.5 million celestials in France, 160 celestial clubs and 83 celestial resorts. The largest and most famous of these is the Adengpo celestial camp. Most of the tourists here are coming from France, Germany, Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, and other countries, as well as Eastern Europe and other European countries.

In the eyes of Europeans, celestial is part of cosmology. It advocates the original state of men and believes that any unnatural thing should be abandoned. In action, no clothing is required to cover the body. Therefore, people who are active in celestial camps are not at all obsessed with nakedness. Nature is the creed they admire. Living in such an open and growing environment makes a big difference between Western thought and Chinese thought. Everyone is a piece of art, full of beauty (lines and shape). Everyone has their own uniqueness. People appreciate people bodies.

Nevertheless, culture is an important element in every country's education. Children grow up in different countries from small to large. Receiving a different education can also make them feel different about art. Fortunately, the Internet is now developed, and children have better access to different artworks, making them more accessible to nade art thou online.

Everyone has different ideas in things, but I think the contradictory voice of this contradiction makes nude art better. Even in a society where the naked culture prevails, naked and anti-naked have been engaged in a never-ending tug-of-war. This seems to be an irreconcilable contradiction. Perhaps because of this contradiction, nude art has become temperate, and therefore more artistic, and the release of any unrestrained desires and cold abstinence are not conducive to the growth of art.

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