What drives a person to be a villain Essay

Society today runs on technology, therefore Technology is a medium that can be used by villains as a tool for their actions. In “Electric Funeral",” Chuck Klosterman considers the idea of villainy, specifically in regard to the inevitability of technological progress. Klosterman argues that we villainize “technocrats” because of our inherent fear of the proliferation of technology throughout all aspects of our lives. In fact, every day we encounter news articles, specials, and other analyses of the ways that technology is negatively impacting our lives. For Klosterman, this is a fruitless battle, because as he says, “The future makes the rules, so there’s no point in being mad when the future wins” (225). He discusses three techno-villains where in this context they are hated for the cause of technological progress. Therefore itself is unstoppable. Klosterman blames specific technologies and Tech Figures for bad consequences of technology and their implications. Klosterman claims that the costs and benefits of these technological progressions is what defines the figures today as villains.

A villain is essentially a person or thing responsible for trouble, harm, or damage where

its actions are seen as the “bad guy” or “evil” in some viewers eyes but in reality sometimes

they see their actions as a different option that may seem to do the accountable and for

the greater good. Everyone has different perspectives when looking at a villain based on

motives and other reasons. We see villains typically in movies, theatre, novels, media and other

narratives. Although They are bad, that does not mean they are villains in reality. Villains can

typically be people In today’s society and throughout history who we view have done wrong. For

example, Hitler and the Nazis. They feel as though they are doing the right thing but in other

views, they are wrong. That is philosophy on critical thinking because even though they are

judgements, what is wrong is by the choice and the majority of how people view it. Perez Hilton",

Julian Assange, and Kim Dotcom three techno-villains that klosterman discussed where in this

context they are hated for the cause of technological progress. I feel that the person is the blame for

the acts of villainism. There could be many reasons that may drive them to become villains and their

technological inventions are the response to their acts of villainy. We can not in depth acknowledge

everything that is in a mind of a villain but we can analyze and suspect it based on motives and

Progression. Ben bova, a novelist and author has claimed that, "In the real world there are

no villains. No one actually sets out to do evil... Fiction mirrors life. Or, more accurately, fiction

serves as a lens to focus on what they know in life and bring its realities into sharper, clearer

understanding for us. There are no villains cackling and rubbing their hands in glee as they

contemplate their evil deeds. There are only people with problems, struggling to solve them."

This reveals that they are some out there who feel otherwise. Although they are evidence to

suggest that they are those throughout history and in today’s society. Usually i see it as a

Philosophy on a villain. It suggests where there motives and actions signify that if they are

the ones who are created and showed out to be a labeled as a villain. We choose to be a better

person or not. Someone who is not a villain is chosen to be set in the right path and not take

part in any wrongful doings. On the contrary, if a person who choose at any cost and is ready to

indulge in wrongful behavior, then he is set out to be a villain. If there is someone who does not

want to indulge in anything wrong but wants to survive and eventually in this process gets in wrong

things it may seem that his actions can take part as a villain or not. In Klosterman’s article He studied

where those who are villains are not just criminals but technological inventors and those who are too

advanced technologically. Some including Klosterman may view them as a threat to society.

Throughout Klosterman’s article there is a self centered conflict whether there is a difference

between demonizing a piece of technology versus demonizing a person associated with technology.

Because of that, the topic of proclaimed villainy on technological figures who are important that make

an impact to society today is put upon the test. It then reveal those who are a threat and are labeled as a

Villain, for Klosterman’s point of view. They are many Tech Figures in the world today. We have Jeff

Bezos, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and etc. All of these

men have in common is that they are the greatest tech leaders, who are the most influential

Entrepreneurs in the world. They have built an enterprise of technological advances and tools

around the world where they made technology a way of life. It is now to the point that we are

dependable for it, especially for today’s generation. We rely so much on technology that we do not

even realize. We use it most of the day, and it is responsible for all the things we do in our daily lives.

By utilizing all these media and technology for example, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Apple and a lot

more creates thousands of jobs and opportunities such as business, education, marketing, athletics",

entertainment, communications, and many more in sitting at home and offices. It connects us

and people all over the world. While there are advantages to constant evolution of technology",

their evolution has also seen the increase of its destructive powers and behaviors. With all this",

technology has many disadvantages, and for that gives us a reasoning as to why we can consider

all these tech figures as forsay “villains” is because i feel they use us for our money, privacy, and

leads on to an increase in destructive technologies. For money they use it to gain research

and knowledge on new technologies. People have become unreliable with keeping money

In our pockets. The technologies these entrepreneurs set out to be opens a gateway to many

possible outcomes to gain full potential in our daily lives. They use our money for Personal

issues, government, and business related for global economy. It is much bigger than what we

know. The use of these technologies from these tech figures leads to ethical and social issues

such as theft of information, destruction of information and Misinformation. This is the sense of

privacy that is misused by these tech figures who are the blame for these ethical and social issues

that happen in the world. Therefore society becomes dependable where more individuals start to

rely upon technology and different types of innovation for daily usage. This dependability puts

All the power onto these tech figures because not only do they control the people, but they control

The many issues that the world faces today, such as social issues, ethical issues, cultural issues",

and many more. These technologies are the basis and connects us to these global issues and its

constant use is where it can help or harm the world, and does a little bit of both. For example

climate change, we can help by using sufficient energy and power but often it takes an effect on

the environment, and disrupts our behavior and social well-being. “The villain is the person

who knows the most but cares the least.” - Chuck Klosterman claims but as seen from these global

Issues, is true. I feel that even though these tech figures work better for the world, they can be

seen as manipulating masterminds. We can only no so much of their actions but we can hardly

tell what these tech figures motives are, and reveal to today’s society if they are villains or not.

We can only judge, criticise, and dispute over the manner. While viewing the advantages and

Disadvantages of technology, we can conclude that the majority of the people can demonize a

person associated with technology rather than the piece of technology itself. Therefore these

Actions justify that we can't stop or slow down the evolution and advances in technology yet

There is so much more to it.

Determining if a person is good or bad isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Overall i feel

that its the environment and the person’s upbringing that results in their behavior that is willingly

judged. Although there is not truly such thing as a villain. In Klosterman’s article He studied where

those who are villains exist in today’s society, specifically in regard to the inevitability of

technological progress. On the contrary they are justifications. I feel and many others believe there

is no such thing as a villain. No one carries out an action that is set out to believe to be bad. This

explains the reasoning behind the self proclaimed statement “the end justifies the means”. The

action therefore is not inherently “bad” because of the intentions behind it. People will always do

what they think is right, with “right” defined as self serving to a person’s eye.

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