What did the women do Essay

The women who fought with George Washington found shelter food was their water and clothing to survive they were referred to as camp followers. The other women were taking care of the kids at home what they did was referred to as Woman's Work some of the women wrestling the sleeves also help with quartering quartering is when a soldier and knocks on your door day or night and they can live with you you have to do everything everything for them including cooking cleaning and washing their clothes they did not even get money for it this this essay is going to highlight some of the women that greatly contribute to the Revolutionary War

Mary Ball Washington

Mary Ball Washington was George Washington's mother she was Matt married and she was left with 5 kids after her husband died when George was 11 years old although Mary Ball Washington was not who wrote about as much as other women although she should be appreciated more that she Brought our first American President to the United States of America

Martha custis Washington

Martha join her husband in the Revolutionary War was by getting soldiers food and nursing them when she got there from Vermont she already had food ready and prepared to serve for them so that they can have a healthy meal there are also some other women that came with her including Kitty green and Lucy Knox left their children at home and join their husbands

Lucy flucker Knox

Lucy flucker Knox was an extremely generous and gave the plant food she gave up seeing her family to marry a man she had loved since she was 14 years old supported Henry during the war she was also one of the women that went with Martha Washington

Abigail Adams

Abigail became a politic a man elected into an important office that judges of Troy ladies... 6 back then When you were a woman you had to stay home and stay with your kids and that's exactly what she did when she was done with being a politic

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