What did media do to change your lifestyle? Essay

In today's generation we are all being carried by the system of technology and some of us are truly deep within it. Meadia has been part of our lives for it plays a big role in our activities, patronizing it and it serves as our daily consumption. For me as an individual it gives me almost everything I need, may it be in school matters or even just for entertainment. Media gives me all the information that I need regarding in school, just for one tap I can already access on what I want to search. I can found series of book in social media and I were to choose between libraries and social media I would choose social media because wherever you are you can search everything you need and it's what you called being modern. Media also entertain me, listening to my favorite music, watching my favorite movies, surfing on the internet and reading my favorite stories on wattpad. I think I don't need to go outside to entertain myself because through these things I don't like being bored. It also gives an uodate on what is happening around me by watching news, searching onlineand evebn through radio there's no such way that you can't be updated of the things that is happening around you. Most importantly it gives me a way to connect my friends and to ny family who are a hundred kilometers away from me, just for one chat, text, call or even video call I can feel that they are with me and I can contact them in an easy way. Media has everything.

As time goes by I think I can't live without the presence of media. My life would be boring if I don't have these things around me. And yes, I have been engaged to this thing what we called media. Media change almost everything in me, may it be in a good or in a bad way. When I was a kid I don't have any idea what cellphone is and how it is being used and I don't mind having it because I think I wouldn't need those. But now I can't even leave my cellphone in an hour, everywhere I go I always make sure I have my cellphone with me. Yes I have gained some benefits upon using my phone because mostly I use ut for study purposesand it helps me to cope up with my assignments or even activities but the sad part here is I am being dependent on my phone it teaches me to in becoming lazy and it's a bad thing. Before I am always outside on our house and I enjoy playing with my friends and it was fun indeed but now I don't need to go outside just to have fun because social media can give me the enjoyment that I need and that affects my socializing skills. And if there's one good thing media had given me, I have able to show and express my talent by posting it online. Though I know I am not a good singer because of their good comments I wanted to sing more and it makes me feel good.

Media has almost everything that a person could ever need but mind you don't let yourself be infected by this spreading virus, the media itself because once you've become infected it'll be hard for you to refuse using these addicting social media apps because you are already addicted. Always know your limitations and always remember be smarter than your smart phones. Don't let media change you of whom your not supposed to be instead let media be a way for you to become a better person

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