What characters traits or skills are needed in employees in order to Essay

What characters traits or skills are needed in employees in order to

compete in a world where technology is advancing daily?

Nowadays technology is used by each and every organization to improve

their productivity. They provide the training to the employees about technology.

Technology is advancing daily; to compete in this world employees need many

characteristics and skills such as practical knowledge, theoretical knowledge, and

strong communication.

Practical experience is necessary for employees to work with advanced

technology. Firstly, experience plays an instrumental role in an employees life",

because in the practical they do their work many of the time by practicing more

and more till they remember so they do their work very easily. Practical

framework always promotes experimental learning and self-learning. Secondly",

with the help of practical knowledge workers can increase power of

understanding. For example, without the practical knowledge workers cannot do

the work in the chemistry lab because with the help of the practical they learn

how to use the chemicals and in which amount. On that time they improve their

understanding power and how things actually work.

Theoretical knowledge is important as the practical work. Without having

the theoretical framework, practical work can not be successful because in the

theoretical work they read each and every thing. For instance, before doing the

chemistry lab they read the book or any thing which can provide the proper

knowledge about the lab and help of the source they learn in which quantity of

the chemicals were use and then they do the practical work and proof their

theoretical knowledge. That knowledge generally servers to focus on giving

complete knowledge that builds the base and helps to do work step by step for

dealing with the practical application. It helps to the employees to understand

why techniques work while other fails because they read variety of ways how to

do the work by manually except any error. So without the theoretical knowledge

practical work can not be done especially in the advancing technology in the


Moreover, employees who have strong communication skills are able to

survive in the workplace. As communication skills are essential to do work in a co-

operative way because they dealing with their senior and many people who work

in the organization. For example, most of the organization do the import and

export so strong communication is essential to deal with others. Listening skills

should be necessary in employees life. Whereas, they meet a lot of the workers

during the working time. In addition, activeness is also mattered in employees

life, owing to in modern era technology has become very fast, so lazy person

cannot be Done the work at right time. While, the patience is best quality of a

good employees because with the help of patience, they can gain ample

knowledge from others and create good cooperation with other employees. So

with the help of practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge employees can

easily increase their all type skills like communication skills, listening skills, and

others. So, employees can collect the acquire knowledge about advancing


In conclusion, both type of experience and knowledge are required to

compete in this era. Every organization should be provide the training to the

employees time to time so they familiar with the advancing technology. Theory

create a strong base for practical work and both are two side of the same coin.

Balance between theory and practice for best results is must be able.

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