What Are Your Possible Career Goals And Plans For Higher Education? Essay

What are your possible career goals and plans for higher education? When I turned 8 I decided I was going to be a scientist so I could make medicines to cure illnesses. But, once I was 10, I changed my mind. My new career was going to be a lawyer so I could make the world a more fair place. Today, I am 17 years old and goal that I want to accomplish through my career and higher education is to help others. My plans for higher education are to attend a 4 year university and earn a bachelor’s degree. I am still undecided on what field I will like to study. But some of the fields I am considering studying are health science, law, entrepreneurship, and business.

I have narrowed my options to these specific fields because I consider that a career in law and health science can educate me on how to advocate and care for others. But I also have interest in careers like business and entrepreneurship because I can have the tools and knowledge to be a leader and carry out the steps necessary to create a venture that is successful. My number one career goal is to become a professional interpreter so that I can help my the members of my community by serving as a tool for those who might feel like they do not have a voice in their community because of language differences. I fell in love with interpreting when I would help people somewhere random like a grocery store or a restaurant; Helping them understand what was happening made me feel really happy at their relief and genuine gratitude.

Moreover, I would like to focus in medical interpreting as I want for people to be completely aware and have an opportunity to participate in their well being. Also, I would like to interpret for the court as I feel like I can be an important tool to connect and inform people. I’m aware that in order to achieve this goal I will need to be understand medical or law vocabulary and concepts which is why I need to go to college to achieve this goal as I can learn from these fields at a more focused and serious level. Another goal of mine is to use my future career to provide for those who don’t have the same opportunities as many of us. I want to create a foundation that helps people get access to education, affordable healthcare, and mental health support. I hope to grow my foundation to be able to build facilities like schools and clinics that can help people regardless of what their financial situation might be.

Furthering my education through college education will allow me to have the knowledge necessary to develop a plan that I can follow through education in entrepreneurship or business that will help me bring my vision to reality. Even though, my idea of what my career will be has changed over the years, I have kept my motivation of helping others as my the fuel to my education which will take me on the road that will allow me to accomplish it.

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