What are perceptions of sexuality genes Essay

What are the perceptions of sexuality genes among senior school girls of St Andrews School for Girls in Bedfordview?

The aim of my One Research Task is to investigate what the perceptions of sexuality genes are among the senior (Grade 8-12) school girls of St Andrews School for Girls in Befordview. It is also to find out whether sexuality genes actually exist and if gay people are actually assigned their sexuality in the womb.

My research is going to be a mixture of quantitative and qualitative; I am going to put out surveys for quick and easy feedback from my peers at school. I will also be interviewing some gene specialists who work in chromosomes and DNA to determine whether or not sexuality genes actually exist or if homosexuality is just based on emotional feeling and sexual as well as physical attraction.

I am doing this topic as I am trying to get to the bottom of homosexuality and trying to figure out if it is actually not exactly what people think it is namely a choice. I am trying to help other people around who think that it is a very bad thing understand that this is who they are and cannot help it just like I can help the colour of my skin or the texture of my hair it just is. I am trying to help anti-LGBTQ+ people to understand that it just is what it is and there is no debate.

I came across this topic quite easily as it has always been sitting in the back of my head and often thought about it from time to time. I was bought up in a Christian family and had been taught to uphold Christian values all of my life. I had also been taught that homosexuality was a total taboo and is frowned upon. Being a very curious person I couldn’t help but look deeper into the matter in the hopes of finding an actual reason behind homosexuality in the sense of finding out whether homosexuals cannot actually help who they are, I couldn’t help but ponder on whether homosexuality was a chromosomal trait that could be inherited from our parents. However it was not until I first arrived at St Andrews School for Girls in 2015 that I decided to take part in such investigations. I went to a catholic primary school and was also taught that homosexuality was an abomination and that was the end of the story no questions asked and for a while I began to too think that homosexuality was bad as if it was a choice. It was not until I met a bi-sexual person for the first time that I decided to look into the matter in the hopes of finding her redemption with her family and friends.

My research is based in St Andrews School for Girls as it is where I have spent the last five years of high school and know everybody quite well so conducting research won’t be too difficult. It is based in Bedfordview as that is where the school is based. My research is based in South Africa as that is where I live however I am not opposed to international information and data as homosexuality is basically the same in every country.

Review of Literature

According to (Coghlan, 2017) and (Soh, 2017) research was done involving homosexuals and heterosexuals and how they discovered a gay gene in some of the males which they did the study on. They looked into the chromosomes and discovered gay variants. It speaks about not all men having said gay variants are gay meaning that said genes could possibly recessive. It also looked into lesbian genes and as we speak research is being done concerning said genes it also takes everything into account: family situations, placements in the family, hormone levels and chromosomes This source has proven an excellent place to start regarding my One Research Task and will help me conclude most of my information regarding whether or not homosexuality is actually a choice. It is also good for my topic because these articles do not only deal with biology but also deals with situations that go on in the peoples it sounds bizarre how somebody’s situations at home, their relationships with their family or exactly how they grew up has an effect on them being gay or not.

This is incredibly interesting and I want to exhaust all of options regarding reasons why people could be gay but still keeping it as a research topic and not a thesis.

This article was written about a study done on some homosexuals and some heterosexuals and drawing a conclusion that there could possibly be a gay gene. This source is reliable as it corresponds not only with my topic but my hypothesis as well that there could be a gay gene. This article was written by Andy Coghlan who writes for NewScientist. This article was written in very late 2017 making it not even two years old and thus proving this source to be valid as well and (Soh, 2017) is a reliable source as it was written by one person on a website called Scientific American which deals with properly certified scientific information. It also correlates quite well with my topic quite well. This source is valid as it was written almost two years ago.

Although these sources answer my research question and check all the boxes according to my hypothesis however this source deals with male homosexuals and doesn’t really speak about lesbians. This source is also mildly broad as it doesn’t necessarily narrow the experiments down to a specific area and (Soh, 2017) is based on a study that was done in Mexico so it doesn’t really relate to me in the sense that I live in South Africa however it is a fantastic source to use in the sense of research my topic.

These sources are very relevant as it ties in almost hand-in-hand with my topic about homosexuals possibly being born gay and that a gay gene inside homosexual and heterosexual human beings. They are also relatively new as was written in very late 2017 and thus proves to be relevant and useful. not only do these sources touch base with my topic but also adds a little bit of information that I never in thought of putting in my One Research Task so not only is it relevant it helps me as well.

(Anon, 2018) deals with Sexuality on the scientific side and discusses topics such as the spectrum of human sexual inexperience, sexual preference, human biology, epigenetics, same sex studies, neuroscience, hormones and evolutionary genetics and even looks into some of the work of Sigmund Freud himself.

This is very relevant to my topic because I am trying to find a plausible reason behind homosexuality as it would make a lot more sense if there were a reason behind the whole scenario.

This source although very scientific is very relevant to my topic and could not only make my One Research Task interesting but factual and informative.

This source deals with the more scientific side of sexuality and tries to explain homosexuality according to science. This article is reliable as it ties in with my topic and is supported by gsk which is a sponsor for many medicines, This source is also valid as it was written about a year ago therefore this source proves to be a good one to use.

Although this source checks most of the boxes as a source it is an updated source and I wonder if it is a privately updated source by the author or the public. This source also deals a lot with genes, chromosomes, epigenetics and neuroscience and it seems to be leaning a little bit in the biological research instead of the Life Orientation aspect of the ORT so I wonder if it could jeopardize using the source as a whole.

This source is very relevant as it is supported by a very highly respected medical brand called gsk it also fits into the timeframe of a relevant source. It also works quite well with my topic and answers all the questions which proves to be very reliable.

(Fausto-Sterling, 2011) discusses homosexuality from a natal point of view and argue whether babies are actual assigned their sexuality in the womb. Not only is this an incredibly interesting source it coincides with my topic very well and makes for very good argument as to whether homosexuals are actually born gay.

This source argues whether homosexuality is like gender and if in the future when doctors find out the gender they’ll also be able to find out the sexuality.

This is incredible information for my topic and gives interest to my ORT also it helps me to check all the boxes in terms of analysis and understanding.

It reliable because it comes from an online psychology website and it is verified by said psychology website thus making it valid as well. It ties in with my topic because it discusses the forming of children in the womb and argues whether or not the child could be a homosexual from the womb already.

The time frame, however, on this source is a little bit far stretched and increases the risk of validity but this source has impeccable information and would be a risk not to use this source.

It is also incredibly relevant as it deals with my topic quite well and discusses homosexuality from actual birth which is incredible as it gives my ORT depth and increases the analysis point of view of the task.

(Schwartz, Anon) deals with homosexuality from a religious, psychiatric, genetic, biological, environmental and psychotherapeutic pint of view.

This is very beneficial for my ORT as it gives me more topics to analyse and to look into and makes it very interesting and informative.

Although the religious aspect can be a little bit touchy in the long run it will be beneficial for me and for others to read and hopefully understand the truth about homosexuality.

This source is very beneficial for me as I want to argue it from said point of view as well. This source is both reliable and valid as it was written by a doctor who is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has been in private practice for over 30 years.

This source is very interesting and well written but is however not dated which increases the risk of validity as there is a possibility that it could very well be outdated. This source also discusses religion which could make for a very controversial analysis and could risk offending a number of people. This source is also based on the United States which also makes it very broad.

This source is very relevant as it deals with my topic and regards religion and faith as well. It makes for a greater and more interesting argument as to whether religion is actually wrong on turning their backs on homosexuals as what if they actually cannot help who they are.


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