What Affects On My High School Career Essay

There are many situations in the world that induce stress upon everybody in the world. Different people have different types of stress that are rooted from different places. Stress in young children can be from not being able to play outside or not being loved enough at home. In older children and teenagers stress can be induced by an overwhelming amount of schoolwork, relationships, and other frustrations. In adults, stress can be induced by a tough work environment, and family. Stresses in my life include sports, the amount of activities i am a part of, and the rigorous school schedule I endure.

Currently in my high school career, I have played a total of five sports. This year alone I have played three varsity sports along with Unified soccer and basketball coming up. I will play varsity baseball in the spring. One sport i have always been a part of is jumping rope for the Forbes Flyers Jump Rope Team. That team develops a lot of stress. From practicing every single day and mornings before school every wednesday and friday, to workshops, demonstrations, and competitions, my life revolves around jump rope. The stress coming from this sport involve minor anxiety because I have so much to do and events pile up one after another and I feel like I have no break. The way I cope with this si by joining other sports. It sounds like this would give me more stress, but I just love the feeling of being on a team and competing at high levels.

The five sports I play are not even close to what I am involved in at THS. At THS, i am on student council, I was elected onto School Governance Council, which means I represent the student body as a whole, I am in French club, Model UN club, England club, and I was a part of the team that went to the Board of Ed to overturn and develop the cell phone policy in 2015. This gives me a lot of stress. I deal with this by exercising and talking to teachers that have shaped the person who i am today. These teachers showed me ways I could better myself and get myself involved and because of this, I am eternally grateful.

I have a very rigorous school schedule on top of all these activities. I am in 2 AP classes, 2 science classes, currently taking high level math, and an honors French class, whilst still in symphonic and marching band. These classes push me to unbelievable levels which shape my time management, work ethic, and fix my procrastination. Because of this schedule I become irritable and sleepy. One way I cope with this is sometimes just relaxing for a few hours before doing my homework, so that when I come back to it, I feel rejuvenated and energized.

The people in my life, such as friends and family have no idea why or how I deal with this schedule. My parents are always telling me to take a night off homework and just sleep, but if i do that, i miss what happens in the next class, pushing me further back. Some days though, I am very stressed and the way I cope with that is by going deeper into my studies. That may not be the right thing to do and I could improve on that by simply sleeping and resting more while at home.

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