"Welcome, or No Trespassing (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

Diploma thesis Soviet director Elem Klimov, famous for the scandalous tape of the collapse of the Russian Empire 'Agony', and at least a strong military operation 'Come and See', which was the last in his filmography, but still relevant, and too truly demonstrates how fiercely monstrous visual can suck the delicate interior.
Heads-grouchy head of pioneer camp Dynin using binoculars reveals pioneer Kostya Inochkin on the restricted territory of the other side of the river, and then in disgrace (that leduyuschim same day will be imprinted on the poster) chases the boy from the camp just a day before the arrival of the parent. Kostina fantasy overrides common sense: he does not want to upset my grandmother, so she did not grunt of surprise, deciding in secret back
Unlike other Klimov films 'Welcome, or No Trespassing' is aimed at children. who once become adults and adults who were once children . If children see only shebutnoy good movie, the adult's attention in the first place to attract a kind of harmless criticism of the Soviet system. Despite all the radiance of his coming, to miss the political background is not possible: the irony of Khrushchev's Agitplakat, his portrait (the offender about the grandmother almost a copy of the Corn King) and suit 'Queen of corn fields' - all these attributes as it were openly ridiculed hruschevschinu that, nevertheless, did not spoil the impression of the picture because they are unobtrusive to the modern viewer, quite veiled sensitivity, gentleness and sincere friendship, besides generously equipped sweetest B uatsiyami, which sometimes surpasses the absurdity, if not ignore while watching from the harsh reality and not to surrender to the gentle childlike legs, illusions and brightness of erased times of emotions and feelings as they muted.
This small masterpiece of Soviet classics should at least look for in order to breathe a breath of nostalgic air, soak up the spirit of the Soviet era, where order and discipline if they dominate the love of children, it does not roll off while in the viscous swamp dirty sadism and screwball oh despotism; where most criminal childish prank - playing cards; where a child's nudity is not intended to debauchery, but friendship is valued withering every word matter. Where the motto 'One for all and all for one' has not had time to replace degenerative modern: 'No one is your friend, who after drinking drags you home, and those who crawling myself with you. " In the end, it was a time that will never return, as well as childhood, defective morality and human compassion.

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