"Welcome, or No Trespassing (1964)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

A great movie! Black-and-white comedy, full of irony, allegory and delicious humor. The absolute classic of cinema
-. When I was little, I had the same grandmother. But in all these years I could not disappoint her to death. And he - could ..
For the uninitiated: the events unfold in a typical Soviet pioneer camp, where the boy kicked out of Inochkin name, because he swam in the wrong place!. Foreseeing the reactions of his grandmother on his early arrival home, Kostya Inochkin secretly returned to the camp, where friends on the force to help him, and all the forces trying to delay the parent day, so my grandmother did not recognize the truth ...
Firstly, that no sce- the catch phrase, still hear the quotes from this movie. Honestly, this is not an indicator of people's love ?!
-A tricks is a talent? -Yes. Well, all right, write me and I'll show you a flying lady. -You are right, well done! Only without the cards!
- We are cheerful, happy ... - Stop, stop! "Peppy" I need to talk more cheerful. A 'fun'? - fun. - Good for you, understand
-So uncle-niece and Babylon on the head satisfied
Secondly, the actors!. Undoubtedly, young Evgeni Evstigneev as camp commander donos perfectly to the audience 'Dyninsky' character: a kind of right and responsible head of a children's institution, idealistic perfectionist. In his understanding, everything has to be laid out on shelves, or you turn left or right. With all these qualities Dynin comrade personally I find it incredible sympathy and, I think, solely because Evstigneev: it 'the camp' full of charm and humor is not deprived
- The children remember. You - the owners of the camp. You! From you is required, my friends? - DIS-Chi-IPT-ON!
Tomorrow we will take a record high. On discipline, organization of ...
- What are you reading? - Chekhov. - What for? - It's funny. - A lot of laughing. It would be better esteemed magazine "Counselor."
- Comrades! I wanted to do better! That the children gained weight ... That discipline was ... Why, comrades ...
Lidia Smirnova in the role of nurse-panikorshi (- What's your blood type - A third -. A need thirty-third team. This is a very rare blood)
Ilya Rutberg-unflappable athlete (-! Do PPase makes two spilling ...), Victor Kosyh-in the form of 'malicious violator of discipline' Bones! Inochkin, Alexei Smirnov-indignant caretaker (- I told him - "where to put something ?!" and he -.. "yes! wait," No, the change will modify, and then the question put by an edge - or I or he! ) ...
All persons azhi incredibly organic and understandable audience.
Third, strange to say, as the following picture spared censorship! After all, the film weight is too daring for the time moments: a posthumous portrait of her grandmother, who looks suspiciously like Khrushchev, the presence of skinny 'informer', irony address 'Queen corn fields' Mitrofanov with 'Babylon' color and outstanding uncle ... Seen, there are in the world wonders!
In conclusion I would like also to express my surprise and delight at the fact that the director of this comedy is Elem Klimov, who has put a terrible war film 'come and see'. Immense respect
-. A Th are you doing here, huh? Go and see!
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