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Design a website is a joined perspective of numerous innovations, similar to HTML, CSS, JavaScript and much more. Each website has two sides, one is customer site, and another is the server side. For this situation, one and only side is utilized that is customer side. To build up this site, the designer used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This site depends on a college named Victorian Institute of Technology.


HTML is a simple and straightforward client-side dialect. To outline the Victorian Institute of Technology website, the web originator utilized HTML for its straightforwardness and adaptability. Another scripting language is javascript that is additionally exceptionally adaptable like HTML. So the utilization of javascript extremely helpful to outline a website. Plan an instructive organization site is extremely useful for the web designer to enhance his or her aptitudes.

Website Design


The site is intended for the student those are want to take admission in Victorian Institute of Technology. The present students of the Victorian Institute of Technology can get advantages by this site website. Therefore, the web designer focused on the international and domestic students.

Functions and Nature of the Institute

Victorian Institute of Technology is an internal university. Numerous kind of courses is accessible here (Vadivu, Sumathy & Vadivel, 2012). They offer different type of courses for the international and domestic students. They additionally offer various type courses. For the advanced education reason, they offer one specialized stream that is the bachelor of information technology and system. Fee structure of this foundation is also short (Robson, & Freeman, 2012). The student support section is great then the other organization. They give online admission facility to their students (, 2016).

Special Approach

The site support numerous functionality, for example, contact page, student information page, about us page and some more (Bassil, 2012). The about us page content the university data. In the main page, one slider is added to demonstrate some data about the Victorian Institute of Technology. The HTML is utilized to make the page contain. CSS is utilized to outline and style all site pages. Javascript is utilized as a part of this site plan reason. In the contact page, java script is utilized for the acceptance reason (Pattanayak, Patra & Puthal, 2013). This is a couple of unique ways to design this configuration this Victorian Institute of Technology website.

Flow Chart

Figure 1: Flow Chart of website design

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Website Map

Figure 2: Website Map

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Screenshots of the Web Site

Screenshot: Home Page

Suggestions to Improve Existing website

The present site can be enhanced by utilizing bunches of innovation. Students movement can be included the understudy page to enhance the current website. By including drop-down menu bar on each page, the site can be improved. Course details and fees structure can be included this current website to enhance. This site is only a model configuration for the last site. So the site can be enhanced in many ways. Including more powerful CSS and javascript in each page, the current site can be made advances. Including the foundation map in the contact us page can be exceptionally useful for the users. These are the few recommendation to enhance the present site.


In this paper, the detail design and planning procedure are described. The flow of the outlining stage also describes by a flow chart. This site depends on a specialized establishment. Hypertext markup language or HTML, CSS and Javascript is utilized to design this site. All the web pages are designed very carefully to attract the user. Logo of the site also put on each page. A menu bar is also used to connect each website page. The overall website is exceptionally attractable, and its usefulness is extremely simple.


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