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The Prince’s Trust youth index, found

that young people without a role model of the same gender are 67 per

cent more likely to be unemployed than their counterparts. This was

published on the daily mail on 30th December 2010. But who is a role

model. A role model is anyone who distinguishes themselves in a

way that others admire and want to emulate them . Based on this

definition, I thought it unfair to just pick one person write about

him/her because many people posses the said definition hence I will

write about the general qualities and in my opinion perhaps the most

important of all qualities that a role model must have. These are

bravery, humility and patience.

Each and every person that we look up to, whether they are famous

or not, must have the quality of bravery. Bravery is doing something

that other people would not feel comfortable doing . I feel it is quite

important because the only way one can inspire others is by

confronting their worst possible fears themselves first. This could

be voluntarily for example, a soldier may choose to join the army and

defend his/her country. It could also be circumstantial, for example, a

person may be afflicted with a terminal illness fights for their lives.

Either way, they need tremendous amount of recognition for their


Once people get acknowledged for a certain achievement, many

tend to get arrogant. They lack humility. This is what separates

other people from role models. For example, Lady Gaga whom I

personally look up to, recently went to the slums in Brazil to help

children in need. Many people look up to her due to her charitable

nature. The quality of humbleness is truly tested once you reach a

level of fame and wealth and is what truly separates real role models

and fake ones who do it for show.

The road to success is never easy. It requires patience. A quality that

has been overlooked severally. Patience is the ability to endure

tough situations persistently without giving up in order for you to

attain the goals . role models need to be patient so that they become

successful . For example, Morgan Freeman’s acting career did not

take off until he was 50 years old and he only won the golden globe

once he was 67 years old. If he was not patient he would have given

up and quit his acting career.

All role models are different in their own special way. But I feel

these are the most important qualities in defining a true role models

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