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Discuss about the Ways To Monetize A Wordpress Blog For Free.



The production phase involves hosting the website on the specified platform and identifying through which the website can get traffic. Traffic to a website is considered to as visits to the website and helps the website designer to get an approximate of how many people re visiting the website. This will require setting up an analytics functionality which will monitor the number of people accessing the website.

After getting the traffic it’s important to think of how the website can make money. This report discusses various steps that will be added to monetize the website.

To achieve traffic, the production phase must involve search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization involves making it easy for search engines to index the website such that when a prospect visitor searches the website on a search Engine like Google or Bing, the search engine is able to index the website and return results based on the search phrase of the visitor. A website that can be searched in a search engine easily is referred to as search engine friendly.

By default, websites designed and deployed using Wordpress are search engine friendly because Wordpress structures the code in a form that is easy to index by search engines. This reduced the amount of time that would have been spent designing all the webpages in a way that is search engine friendly. After deploying the website using Wordpress, the only step that is required is to make the website public and to check the allow pages to be indexed by search engines option. After making the website and checking that option, the website search engine friendly. There are other measures that can be done to make the website more search Engine friendly. For example while using Google, the sitemap of the website can be uploaded in Google to facilitate easier indexing of the website.

When the website is searched on a search engine for example Google, the website appears in search results. However, the website is not very highly ranked. This can be improved using social media where by pages related to the website can be created. Another option is using premium SEO services by purchasing SEO packages that help the website to get a better rank when it is searched on a search engine. SEO considerations affected my design decisions because I had to make sure that every page was search engine friendly by use of tags like headings.


There are two common owners of websites; owners who just want to share the ideas and views without expecting any money and owners who want to earn money from the website. The proposed website a good potential of making money through various monetization methods but it’s important to discuss various ways of monetization that are available for its chosen platform which is Wordpress. The various ways in which the website can make money are;

  • Google AdSense- this method of monetization is also called PPC (Pay per Click) advertisements. This is the easiest method of making money for the website since it does not require a lot of work to set up and kick start to earning (Orr, 2018). Pay per Click companies run adds on different platforms. Advertisers who post ads are only charged when the ad is clicked. Although there are many PPC companies, for the EvoClub website, the preferred company is Google AdSense. To use Google AdSense I will have to make an application which will be reviewed and if the review is approved then the next step is to place the AdSense Code in my website. To help with placing ads I will use existing plugins like Ad Inserter which are available for WordPress. This method is easy and effective but has one major drawback. A lot of people use Ad Blockers which blocks ads from running in a website. By using Ad Blockers, when the visitor visits my website which is AdSense enabled, there will be no ads generated because they will be blocked by different Ads Blockers used by the user. This can hinder the website from making money through potential clicks on ads by visitors.
  • Sponsored posts- For the EvoClub this is probably the best method to earn money through the website. Although AdSense requires no effort after setting up sponsored posts have a potential to get more money for the website considering the type of content that EvoClub will contain. Sponsored posts involves writing articles reviewing products or services that are related to the specific niche and companies pay for those articles (Jaiswal, 2017). They key thing to reviewing a product or service is to do a honest review giving your honest opinions to the audience. This ensures that you stay truthful to the target audience despite advertising for companies. Considering that EvoClub deals with cars and show casing cars, sponsored links have a huge potential for advertisers ranging from car makes, car dealerships and spare parts sellers. With the right quantity of audience potential advertisers will advertise on the website and the best thing is that the rate of payment will be agreed upon depending on the type of advert that the customer wants.

The methods of monetization discussed above are not supported on the free version of Wordpress so to implement them I will have to upgrade to the premium to start earning from the website.

Copyright issues

Issues of copyright is a burning issue considering this era of the internet where redistribution of content is very easy. A lot of internet users want to make easy money from content that they do not own thus copyrighting is becoming very common. Since EvoClub will deal with showcasing a lot of images taken professionally, there is need to define copyright issues. This will involve coming up with legal documents that specify who is the owner of the images. All members of the club will have to sign this document so that if images of their cars are uploaded on the website, there are copyright issues brought forward. By ensuring that all members sign this agreement, then the website will be at liberty to post pictures of the cars of the members taken at different events. Another copyright infringement that might happen is people copying images from the website. To deal with this, the website will have to display a page containing the copyright information. All the images will contain a watermark at the bottom with the logo of the website to show ownership of the website.

Web Analytics

Web analytics is the collection, measurement and analysis of data so as to understand a website so as to improve it (Ewer, 2018). The data usually involves the number of visitors over a period of time and where those visitors are viewing the website from. WordPress as a platform offers basic analytics which I utilized to analyze the traffic of my website. To promote the website so as to get traffic, I mostly used social media and this got me a relative large amount of view as shown in the screenshot below.

Figure 1: EvoClub All time analytics

As expected, most of the traffic was from Australia. Some odd data as shown in the screenshot in figure 1 shows that there are views from Kenya. This was possible because of using social media to promote the website.


Based on my experience developing the website its right to say that the website achieved its goal. This was possible because of selecting the right platform to develop the website. Wordpress enabled me to design and develop the website using the least amount of time and I was able to achieve so much more because of the many plugins and features available on the platform. By using different plugins I was able to achieve so much interactivity and features on the website like social media integration. Promoting the website on social media also enabled me to get a significant number of followers thus this proofed to be a good way of promoting the website to get more traffic in the website. Generally I am happy with the results. However, there are few things I could have done better and based on my experience I would advise any student developing a website next year, if the student chooses Wordpress as his or her desired platform, the student should go for the premium version of the platform as the free version has very limited functionalities and there is not much one can do with it.


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