Ways Of Saving Our Earth And Reducing Pollution Essay

Being a new out-of-state transfer student to a society of cultural inversion and adapting to a whole different environment is exciting. You meet new people from all around the world which also includes facts about where they are from. A random girl from California asked me delightedly, if I had ran here on campus to exercise yet. Then she led on about its so much better here in Ohio, she can breathe better, and that physically she feels cleaner. I asked what she meant by that. She explained she was from California and the air is so polluted there. She explained how she would go for runs in the Bay Area of Cali and it was so hard for her to breathe and the air was thick. Apparently, the difference between both environments of Cali and Ohio has a completely different level of air pollution. According to USA Today, California has eight of the ten most polluted US cities. It is said that Los Angeles/Long Beach area is recognized as the most polluted city for about 19 years. The city has unhealthy air levels which puts the population of people who live there at risk for a list of reasons which include, premature death, lung cancer, asthma attacks, cardiovascular damage and developmental and reproductive harm. But what’s really causing the air to be this bad?

The reasons behind this once beautiful place are gasoline and diesel-powered motor vehicles such as cars, trucks, trains, boats, factories, power plants, and fireplaces. The vehicles release gasoline which evaporates and stains the air making it thicker and harder to breathe. The negative effects that pollution has on this planet are air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution. This problem must be taken seriously simply because the elements we need the most to absolutely survive on this world are being taken away BY US. The main elements are water and air; without it animals that feed us, plants that feed us both, and air to even breathe, we wouldn’t exist on this planet.

Industries play a big part in destroying our atmosphere but without them we wouldn’t have the commercial goods that we use in our everyday lives. It’s not new to the world that factories have been polluting our environments since the industrial revolution from the increasing destruction of our fossil fuels. Fossil fuels is a natural fuel such as coal, oil or gas, formed in the geological last from the remains of living organisms. These three main fuels are used for energy provision, we use so much of them because they help us thrive. But it’s very bad to use so much of our natural resources, why?

Because fossil fuels are considered non-renewable resources which means you can’t “recycle” them or reuse them so once they are gone, they’re gone. Now, our factories release pollution to the air through fossil fuel emissions. But because of what they make, it’s not a huge worry, even though it should be something to worry about on an extreme level. The reason for this is global warming. Global warming is caused when fossil fuels are burned and transform into harmful gases including carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide which increase the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. Since this happens in mostly large populated cities, it’s effecting people in many life threatening ways because the factories are releasing polluted gases so close to humans.

However, coal has been used for machines to function better which subbed in for less human labor since the resources were first being used back in the day. Factories create the machines that make products for us so that there will be less human labor. They produce economic goods along with materials and services that we use every day. According to A Medium Corporation, U.S. factories discharge 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, chemicals, and waste into our waters every day. Although this is extremely dangerous for our water supply. Green building standards are running factories that actually better our earth in some way rather than completely destroying it. According to Home Innovation Research Labs, the National Green Building Standard provides a third-party verification that homes, apartments, and industries was made to reach six key goals which includes, site design, resource efficiency, water efficiency, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and building operation and maintenance. This project would help the planet on so many levels. This is how we come back from complete disaster and lower global warming levels. All that this project would do is provide people fresh air ventilation for better air quality in homes which limits pollutants and prevents moisture that molds in a home.

Not to mention that it’s a lot cheaper to live like this then how we do now. It decreases utility costs through cost effective energy and water efficiency practices. However, in the process of doing this along with more things such as installing better roofs with solar panels. It’ll provide a better working environment for employees. The sole purpose is to lead away damage from our environments. Furthermore, these building will be able to process and give off its own energy. They also reuse water, eliminate waste, and use materials from sustainable sources. Because this project is bettering factories and taking away the main thing factories do; which is pollute the air simultaneously. It’ll lead to a better breathing atmosphere for humans not only internally but also physically. It’ll also prevent our plant and wildlife from dying due to pollution and gases. The green building project will save from further global warming. It’ll create a better life.

In present time, factories are causing, for example, the girl who I met here at college respiratory system to fail because the air is so smoggy in California due to the pollutants coming from factories and gases leaking from vehicles. Now with vehicles, the number of cars should be decreased especially in big, crowded cities because they are a big pollution contributor. They release nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide into the air. In 2016, for the first time in history, over 70 million cars were produced in a single year. Seventy million more cars around the world were produced for needed people but makes our atmosphere bad for us. It’s ironic since they are specifically made to transport people from point A to the rest of the alphabet but it helps destroy our earth while it’s helping us? We can do better. We have approximately 7,530,103,737 billion people in this world who all are intelligent in some way that can contribute to the idea of upping our technology. For example, the environmental movement influenced the green building project.

There’s no excuse why we can’t influence another movement or project on all cars becoming green; non-pollutant. There are many negatives effects from our technology today but positive things also come out of the negative. With factories, obviously, it pollutes with the gases and waste it releases into the atmosphere. Vehicles drop oil onto the ground which evaporates into the air therefore polluting it. As a whole we can’t get rid of factories and industries because they are the reason we have so many products. They are the reason things are made in short amount of time. The machines that work the assembly lines actually increase the amount for time rather than people hand making them. What we can do is bring forward the projects that are already in effect. Take public transportation for example. Taxis, cabs, buses, trains, and bikes have all been reliable for people to get to where they need to go. Decreasing the use of personal vehicles and persuading yourself to go the better route and do your part would really help our environments slowly. Also, in house management, meaning turning off anything such as lights, laptops, A.C units and other things that you personally use that’s NOT in use, to be turned off. Very recently electric cars have been manufactured and they are completely zero emissions. Light bulbs everywhere should be energy efficient, use less paper, use recycled materials, and replacing coal and oils to natural gases to decrease operation costs and to help our plant life by getting rid of the fuels that are dangerous to them. This is just a few things that we can do to simple put in our part to help our world become a better place. Global warming has already become into effect. We’re just fueling it. Bring forward the projects like the green building project will provide solar panels on top of factories and other great effects to help decrease pollutants.

All in all, vehicles, houses, factories, and industries all contribute a big part of polluting our environments. However, there are many ways of saving our earth and reducing pollution. Each of these technologies are owned by people. All the people have to do is put in on the opportunity of continuing their business or going about these days, making supplies for our everyday needs or simply going to work by operating the green way. Which mean updating their industries to reduce emissions, our homes we can simply turn off the lights and unplug anything not in use, also invest into the green building project to further bettering our homes, and switching to public transportation or biking rather than everyone taking personal vehicles which causes more pollution. All these ideas can really help our world become a better place to not only live in but function in so that we can live comfortably by breathing in fresh air rather than smoggy air in the large states. Global warming has no chance if we all do our part.

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