"Waterloo Bridge (1940)" Movie Review Essay & Film Analysis

There are no words. Though the film and the old, with no modern-type 3D widgets and songs performed by popular artists, it is possible to revise again and again ... This is the story
girl - ballerina Myra ( Vivien Leigh ), who falls in love military Roy ( Robert Taylor ), because of which it kicked out of the studio. Then Roy 'dies' in the war, and Myra forced to become a prostitute to somehow survive. After a while Roy rises and asks her to marry, she agrees. But, during a meeting with his family, Uncle Roy tells her how happy he is that their family will have such a good and honest girl, Myra. And in the end, tormented by guilt, Myra throws herself under medical motorcade ...
Yes, the plot is simple, and all events are fairly easy to discern, but for hundreds of the same unsophisticated audience films of 1940 this film - masterpiece . For me it is now a masterpiece, and here's why:
Firstly, it is certainly a love story. About love pure and eternal, which only thanks to such films trust. Someone will say: 'Even in the most difficult situation the panel - not an option', and will be in its own right, but we do not live in times of war, we can not imagine how to live in such conditions, we can only be blamed for this choice and it is wrong. Myra insanely sorry, it is so wonderful and kind girl, but circumstances have developed against it, and nothing can be done. I respect her choice in favor of suicide rather than living in lies and fear that your past at the wrong time will be revealed.
Secondly, it is a story of friendship. Kitty ( Virginia Field ), the best friend of Myra, went to the bar only for the sake of them with Myra had to live on. Bravo, Kitty! Such self-sacrificing and loyal friend is not found. Now the friendship is to discuss ex-boyfriends champagne bottle, send a bunch of music and video to social networks, to ask every evening 'How are you?', In short, to create the illusion of friendship. And in such an act, which made Kitty, no one can.
Third, is the story of the war. About the war which was unleashed by 1 person, and from which millions of people from all the countries affected. I am sure that stories like Myra, there were thousands during this terrible time.
Fourth, it is Vivien Leigh . Gorgeous, unique, brilliant Vivien Leigh. I can not say that I like all movies straight to it, but most of them. Vivienne - 'actress from God', no matter what was the plot of the film, it is always on top. In those years, her involvement in any project in advance ensured him success, and 'Waterloo Bridge' is no exception.
10 and 10
Over the history, love and friendship, in which we want to believe.

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